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Issue #20 - June 9, 2009              For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them. ~ Jesus



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1) Father-Son Campout Ideas?
2) CSI Lessons
3) Children Go Where I Send Thee
4) End of the year-Fruit of the Spirit?
5) Possible Baseball Skit

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6) Psalm 23 Obtaining Permissions?
7) Feet Activity & Samaritan Woman
8) Wheel of Fortune Game
Walkin' with Jesus
10) Sports Camp?


Father-Son Campout Ideas?

Hi my friends,
Does anyone have any good ideas/resources (inexpensive or free, of course!!) for a father-son campout we are planning? thanks so much! Amy Siegert, WI



2) CSI Lessons

Last year, I posted about Wild, Wild Wednesdays for a summer program and received an incredible response from the network about it. Through the unction of the Holy Spirit, I have a lesson plan for CSI that involves fingerprinting, hidden evidence, jury, trial, etc. 

To read more, see our online edition of this issue (#20 - June 9 , 2009) at:

3) Children Go Where I Send Thee

Craft idea= make a foot out of card stock them have kids paste the poem foot prints in the sand and decorate the outer edges with shell and beach sand, use foot prints (different colors) placed around the rooms leading to different areas for the VBS (snack, crafts, story etc.) using beach sand have kids make imprints of their foot then fill it plaster of paris when set enough to remove have them decorate toes (or not) and using nail or pin put on carve their foot the scripture of the day. have kids or someone draw a path and let them use their double up fist dipped in paint and finger tips in paint to make foot prints leading to Christ. (the fist would be dipped with thumb side up and then press the bottom of that into paint and onto paper, finger tips would make the toes) 

4) End of the year-Fruit of the Spirit?

I am looking for Ideas for a Sunday school end of year event for ages from 6 to 12 with fruit of the spirit theme... any idea please.. thank you and God bless


--from SSTN: yes, check out these activities:


5) Possible Baseball Skit

I used a musical a few years ago with the children of our church. It was called "Sermon on the Mound" (I don't remember the publisher at this time) It was a baseball themed musical for kids. It had a lot of songs in it with acting parts....some of those songs could be used as a skit type format if you are creative enough....It was a great musical. D.Richards, AL

--from SSTN: Sermon on the Mound is available in our affiliate bookstore. To locate it, type the title into the bookstore search box at:


6) Psalm 23 Obtaining Permissions?

I plan to teach my children the 23rd Psalm. I would like to use the "read" part of your lesson as a supplement for the children and their parents. Do I need permission to copy that part of the lesson?

Alice Peterson

--from SSTN: Hi Alice, You have permission to print out any of the lessons in the site, so long as they are used for your own personal or church use. We do ask that you include the following copyright information on handouts:

>  Used by permission from
> "Copyright (include the date of the article and writer's name)" 

See this link:

For anyone else wanting to use this lesson, you can find it in our Bible Series, Clubs and VBS Resources on the following page:

7) Feet Activity & Samaritan Woman

I’ve worked with kid using the Samaritan Woman scriptures—

First I had the kids cut out bricks and talk about the things that get the way of our relationship with God. Then I had them trace their feet and on one side of the foot list something(s) they needed to work on which would help improve their relationship with God and on the other side their God given gifts that they are called to use in service to God. With each piece there is a reflection:

Bricks—one each brick list an obstacle to our relationship with God. Then take the bricks and create a well. (we actually did this on one of the walls in our education wing). 

Feet—Once the kids have written their challenges and gifts—add the feet to the picture (challenge side down—gift side up) with some feet walking toward the well and some walking away!

Once you’ve talked about these things—Have the kids talk about how Jesus brought us living water which has the power to “over flow” the obstacles that get in our way and that we are called to share this “water”, like the Samaritan Woman, with all those we come in contact with. You could have paper bucket “sitting” on the side of the well, with water pouring out. In front of that section—have a real bucket into which the kids could add water drops or cut out cup shapes on which they have written some way in which they brought Jesus to someone that day—that week—whatever works for your group. 

It’s effective because it meets all learning styles; you don’t have to sit and just listen, but can actively engage in the process of learning; and, you are challenged to reflect on your own call and actually put it into action! I’d love to know if anyone tries and how it goes. I haven’t done it in several years!

Elise Chapman
St. Michael Catholic Church
Glen Allen, VA

8) Wheel of Fortune Game

Using large Styrofoam board cut a large circle. Paint several lines to resemble a pie. Paint the pie wedges and add $ amounts ($1;$2;$3;$4;$5 see last sentence). Build a simple stand tall enough to hold the circle so it can spin freely. A 10x10 inch square bottom made from heavy wood and a 2x2 inch upright works well. Place a 1x2 on top and perpendicular to the 2x2 long enough to extend to the front of the stand and beyond the Styrofoam. Place the wheel onto the 2x2 so it positions just below the 1x2 extended piece. Take a very large eyelet and screw it into the very center of the wheel and into the 2x2. Give it a few spins to make sure it spins freely and even. (You may need to add a couple of washers to keep the foam from touching the wood) Now add short dowel pieces to the outer end of each line. Add a long piece of felt to the end of the 1x2 so it hangs downward and hits the dowels as the wheel spins. The game can be played like hangman... on a chalk board or wipe-off can be spent at the Wheel of fortune store. Kids, teens, and even adults love it. Dianne, AL



9) Walkin' with Jesus

Dear friends of Faith:

I am writing to inform you of how I and My Jammin' Juniors at My church celebrated our theme "Walkin' with Jesus", I purchased nice summer napkins, plates (they were very colorful) and they were decorated with flip flops, I brought inexpensive picture framed in the shape of a flip flop and had the children's pictures placed in them, I also introduced the poem Footprints for children. The Lord will always walk with you along life blessed beach, His footprints there beside your own, always within reach, two sets of footprints, side-by side, I placed this poem on a large poster and the students recited it before the congregation, The theme was great for summer. We talked about walking close with the Lord, to really end our time of fun I had the children decorate their own flip flops. 

Emma Sutton Rhode Island 

10) Sports Camp?

Article 4 (
of a past issue) talked about VBS vs. Sports Camp. I would like
to have the e-mail address of Pastor Sheila Bush who gave the SSTN this idea, as I would like to find out a little more about the concept of a Sports Camp. My e-mail address is
Thanks, and God bless.

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