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SSTN # 20 - April 2, 2007

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1) SSTN Emails not getting through
2) Entertainment In Church?
3) How Can I Get Over "It"?

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4) F.B.I. Program
5) Summer Programs?

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1) SSTN Emails not getting through

We had a problem with our server last week and some of your emails may
have been lost in cyberspace. If you don't see your email posted, then you
might want to repost it.

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2) Entertainment In Church?

What are your views pertaining to entertainment oriented programs within
church and children and youth ministries?

Do you think this format encourages participation by its members
or does it foster a "sit back and entertain me" attitude?

How much is too much? And is it necessary to keep up with the culture to
make our programs more exciting?

How can we be interesting and relevant, without being entertainers?

Any and all comments are welcome!

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3) How Can I Get Over "It"?

Most of us, if not all of us, at one time or another have to deal with
experiences in our past or current life which make us stumble in our faith
or that cripple us emotionally. It could be something as severe as being
abused as a child or a perception that our parents didn’t give us the
attention we needed growing up. Maybe it’s a broken friendship or business
plan gone sour. Whatever “it” is, many times these painful experiences can
affect us the rest of our lives and prevent us from reaching our greatest
potential, or even end up destroying us. Trying to “get over it” doesn’t
work. We try and fail and “it” goes round and round in our minds, blocking
us from receiving what God intends for our lives. Thankfully, there is an
alternative. God can heal our pain so that we can live a productive,
God-approved life.

To continue reading, go to the following link:

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4) F.B.I. Program

We just finished the FBI program at the intermediate school. I think it
was our best so far - mainly because we embraced the fact that 70% of the
kids do not attend church so they have no background in the Bible. The
discovery for them was finding they could locate books of the Bible - and
learning the basics that God created EVERYTHING - loves them
unconditionally - Christ died for them on the cross and is the Light of
the world --- receiving HIM as Savior brings peace and love unending. We
didn't share about one Bible character other than God, Jesus, and Holy
Spirit. How refreshing to realize anew that HE is ALL we need! The rest of
the Bible is icing on the cake!
I did make up one game with oversized dice that they loved. We played it
week 5 - they searched the scriptures with this game to find what the
Bible says about Jesus being our light to show us the way to heaven.
I found rubbery dice - each about half the size of a tennis ball. I
covered the 6 surfaces that had preprinted writing - with white labels.
I wrote 1scripture reference on each of the 6 surfaces of one dice. All
scriptures had the same theme. The kids looked up whatever scripture was
rolled. As they found it they raised their hand and were given markers as
to who found it first through 6th -- (we used color bookmark style
The 6 surfaces of the other dice, I had numbered "first to find" ---
through "6th to find". After 6 kids had found the scripture -- the 2nd
dice was rolled. If it rolled up "3rd to find" - that was the winner of
the round. This game kept the competitive edge they love - but gave the
opportunity for the 6th place person to be the winner.
The big rubbery dice bounced wildly which added to their excitement. The
kids worked at tables and ended up holding on to each other to contain the
dice to the table --- becoming an added benefit of team work and
Since not everyone would be able to find the big rubbery dice, this game
could be played with 1 dice - and a pre-printed list of scriptures or
Bible activities -- numbered 1 - 6. The same indication of the order of
completion of the task being 1-6 by giving the markers. Roll the dice
again to see who would be the winner of the round.
Our adult leaders communicated they loved the game as much as the kids!
OH - I was at a children's ministry conference a few weeks ago in
Indianapolis. Over 300 attended. We were asked to participate in several
small groups for some hands on time. I mentioned the help I get from your
website and another young gal was excited to meet another SSTN member!

--from SSTN: Go to the Games section to read more about Emmalea's FBI
program: http://www.SundaySchoolNetwork.com 
(Click on Free Stuff to get there.)

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5) Summer Programs?

I know that most churches offer VBS programs during the summer.
But I'm wondering if any churches offer alternate prgrams other than a
typical VBS? If so, what do you do?

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