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SSTN # 1 - January 4, 2007

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1) Am I A Christian?
2) Bible-shaped Puppet?
3) Poem and a Song

Bible Lessons for 2007

4) Visit Bethlehem - Christmas Event for Kids
5) Teaching Prayers
6) Christian Youth...Reaching Out to Muslims

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1) Am I A Christian?

Dear Sarah,
I need the prayers, support, and help of all my fellow brothers and
sisters in Christ.  Has anyone ever said that they don't like the
Christmas season?  Well part of me doesn't.  I want the Holy Spirit to
work so badly in my life and reflect to others I come into contact with. 
But it's so hard.  Its as though the season of commercialism and what to
eat, what are we doing and where are we going to celebrate Christmas, not
for our Savior's birth, but for "not the reason of the season, get gifts
and food".  I get so sad during this time.  Do I sound confused, well I
am.  I should be shouting with joy and praise and thanking our Wonderful
Creator, instead I see all the wrong that is going on around me and start
judging that if I am a Christian and belong to a Christian church and am
married to a wonderful man who's a Christian and his family has always
been brought up in the Church and are Christians, then why don't they too
have the joy ring out from them not only during the Christmas season but
all the days of our lives.  I know that this doesn't happen in my life,
but maybe others and that the ones it also happens to can help me through
this time.
I can't off the top of my head quote scripture, only the few verses I
learned as a child, I have to go to the Bible.  I listen to others around
me and have an open heart and want to love as God loves us. 
I as a young adult and mother, I did not go to Church or raise my children
in the Church, didn't know of how important it was at the time.  Now I
do.  God wants us to do His will and that is why He sent His Son to be
born.  So how do I reach our children with this Great News?  They don't
want to listen.  I pray but I feel as though I don't pray enough, and that
is a truth.  So my expectations are great and want them to be this way for
not just myself, but my husband, and all.  I know its because of sin we
all do "our" thing, how do we do His?
Another reason I am sad at this time is I just quit helping with our SS. 
Its as though the ones in charge, are the "ones" in charge and don't want
to hear from others.  I have been fighting this battle for three years.  I
just couldn't take it anymore, it was physically and emotionally draining,
it seemed as though there was no light at the end of the tunnel.  And it
hurts.  I love serving our Lord.  I am so at peace when I am.  But I was
told I spend too much time at the church, and I need to find other places
for fun.  It devastated me.  I had peace when I was at Church and found it
very rewarding not for just myself, but by coming into contact with others
that were there, not during the weekly worship services but outside of
worship.  I was able to talk, listen and learn.  Now that is gone.  I feel
so sad, not coming into contact with the children and adults who have
touched my life in the ways they have.  Strength, that's what I received
and that strength gave me power to speak openly to others inside and
outside of the Church about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I still
have the strength God has given me and thank God I have gone through these
three years.  My heart has been opened to know His will, I just have to do
I have been blessed and want to keep serving, at this time I just won't
anymore in my church home.  Is there anywhere else, that anyone knows of I
may be able to serve?  I am disabled and can use my internet so if anyone
has any suggestions I will gladly appreciate them.
I thank You Sarah, for this wonderful website and to all who read and
share it with others.  Thank you to all of you.  May God Bless each and
everyone of you and all those who haven't heard His Good News so we may go
and tell others of His Great Love For Us!
May each of your days be filled with Joy, Praise and Thanks!  A Blessed
New Year to All.
In His Mercy

--from SSTN: Dear Wanda,
I hear your pain and I want to give you a word of encouragement. The very
fact that you want more of Jesus, is evidence of his working in your life!
We can't even say, "Yes" to him without the Father helping us to do so.
"No one comes to Jesus unless the Father draws him."  John 6:44.

Your sadness is coming from many sources (i.e. the lack of faith in your
children, what others think about you, the commercialism of Christmas,
etc.) It's actually quite common at this time of year to find oneself
being depressed. High hopes of having a joyful holiday, like we see on TV
or in commercials, only fuels those expectations, then the reality of our
sin-filled world smacks us in the face and we are reminded that the joy we
seek is not of this world. True joy is found only in Jesus and in serving
him...so SERVE away! Don't let others tell you where to find your fun. The
highlight of my week is teaching kids the lessons which are developed for
this site! If you took that away from me, it would be quite depressing!

Read Philippians 3:7-15 and 2 Timothy 4:6-8.

I would also encourage you to talk these things out with a counselor or

Please visit the following page concerning how to be sure of your

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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2) Bible-shaped Puppet?

I used to have a pattern to make a puppet that is shaped like a Bible--but
I've misplaced it.  So I'm trying to find another pattern--so far no
luck.  The puppet looks like a Bible with a face, feet, and arms.  The
face has a mouth that opens when you move it with your fingers inside.  It
looked adorable.  I can not remember where I found these directions. 
I'm wondering if anyone out there knows where I can get another of these
patterns so I can make myself one of these puppets.  I know that I can buy
a puppet already made--but the homemade one was so much cuter!

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3) Poem and a Song

Sometimes the Christmas cards I buy do not really present the meaning of
Christmas so this is a poem I enclosed with each one this year:
     He laid aside His majesty
     And came to humble birth
     To die in shame at Calvary
     So people on this earth
     Could, by faith alone in Him,
     Forever with Him be
     And gather 'round His throne
     To worshup eternally.
Here is a little song I use when I teach about Baby Moses.  It is sung to
the tune of Bringing in the Sheaves:
Jochabed and Amram had 3 little children:
Miriam and Aaron, and Baby Moses, too.
When the wicked Pharaoh said, I'll kill the babies,"
God said not to worry.  "Here's what you can do:
Make a little basket, put the baby in it,
Put it in the water.  He'll be safe, you'll see."
Then the pharoah's daughter loved the Baby Moses
God took care of Moses;  He'll take care of me.
He'll take care of me, He'll take care of me.
God took care of Moses; He'll take care of me.
Sarah, I do so love this site and it has been such a blessing to me. 
Thank you!
Helen Setser

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Bible Lessons for 2007

Teach your children well using the Bible-4-Life Curriculum!

Learn more at:
(you may need to copy and paste the link to your browser)

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4) Visit Bethlehem - Christmas Event for Kids

Dear Sarah,

I would like to share a Christmas event that was organized in my
church's Kids Church (ages 7-9).

Theme: Visit Bethlehem. Jesus, the true Christmas Gift

Mechanics: The kids were told that they will going for a trip to
"Bethlehem" lead by "wise men/ladies" to find out what happen on
Christmas day. They were issued with special tickets which also carry
coupons for exchange. The teachers were dressed in middle-eastern robes
to add a touch of the times.

The children were divided into groups which were headed by "wise tour

Bethlehem were classrooms which were not their normal classrooms. There
were no lights in the classrooms to resemble night time. We did have
Christmas lights as star light. One of the room was decorated to be the
stable with a tent set up where a "wise man" told the story of what
happened 2000 years ago. Another room was decorated up as Bethlehem
town where 4 stalls were set up for handicraft, scrupture ballons, rope
trick and radio controlled car game. Each stall use their objects to
illustrate the gift of Christmas. Children receive gifts in exchange
with their coupons.

We used the "wise men" to avoid the Santa Claus figure.

It was a great way to relate the Christmas story from the wise men

God bless.
Jeff Yee

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5) Teaching Prayers

Like many others I have had experiences teaching all ages in many
settings and take that responsibility seriously, especially when I have
to teach other teachers from time to time. Like Theda I have taught
children who only know God's name as a curse. One boy even boldly
proclaimed to know that God had a last name. He said it was da-n , since
that was how  his Daddy always said His name. My heart still breaks for
that boy and his family- my contact with him was brief.
In my various teaching roles as a Mother, Pastor's wife, Grammie,
Mentor, and more  God has called me to proclaim the truth about Him and
that includes the respect that all people everywhere owe to Him.
Teaching others to address God with true honor and dignity does not
make Him unapproachable. Rather it sets Him in a category apart yet
connected to those He loves, created and cares for in all situations.
There is deep comfort in serving a God Who is so great that He rightly
receives more respect and reverence from us than anyone else should ever
expect, or ever deserves.

May God guide you, Sarah, in your service.
RHM in Maine

--from SSTN: the commandments tell us to honor God's name (Which by the
way is the inspiration behind the Bible-4-Life series, "His Name Shall Be
Called..."). On the other hand, we are told we can come boldly to the
throne of grace, yet that boldness doesn't mean we can come with

Thank you, RHM, for your thoughtful approach for the kingdom!

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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6) Christian Youth...Reach Out to Muslims

--from SSTN: One of our Christian brothers, who is involved in ministry to
Muslims, sent the following link:
http://www.christianpost.com/article/20061230/24577.htm .

Please pray for him and especially for his wife, Linda, she is extremely
sick and needs our prayers of healing.

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