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SSTN # 1 - January 2, 2006

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1) The Invisible Christ...did you see him?
2) Games in Sunday school
3) Games in Sunday school
4) Games in Sunday school

Bible Lessons for the New Year

5) Song: Jesus Christ Is Coming To Town
6) Nursery Age?
7) Games in Sunday school
8) Fund Raiser
9) Fundraiser
10) New Year's Time Capsule

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1) The Invisible Christ...did you see him?

Did you see the invisible Christ on New Year's Eve? The entire world
celebrated him, and yet I would venture to say that many knew not what
they were doing or seeing. Jesus showed himself across the world, on
international news! Did you see him? From Australia to China, from Iraq to
Europe and into the Americas he was celebrated.

The New Year, 2006 AD, which means Anno Domini, in the year of the Lord,
also known as, Anno Domini Nostri Iesu Christi ("In the Year of Our Lord
Jesus Christ" *). Did you know that the Christian era is the only system
in everyday use in the Western World, and predominant in commercial and
scientific use in the rest of the world?

There is a move today to replace AD with CE, originally for "Christian
Era", but now known as "Common Era", because it is religiously neutral.
But whether you call it AD or CE, it still marks the time of the Christ,
breaking into human history, becoming a man to sacrifice for our sins,
then rising from the dead to overcome death. The firstfruits of our

Keep your eyes on Jesus in 2006 AD; he'll show up in unexpected ways!
Happy New Year!

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

* For more information on this, go to:

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2) Games in Sunday school

I teach 5th and 6th grade Sunday school and lead a youth group (grades 6
- 12). My Students enjoy "Bible Wheel of Fortune."  We started of w/ a
paper wheel & brass spinner for the wheel - later we made a cardboard
wheel w/ "spokes" and pointer - where the wheel actually spins.   The
concept is that the "puzzle" is always a clue.  The students chose
letters to solve the clue puzzle . . but there are bonus points if they
can answer the biblical question.   they get all of the points if they
can answer without a hint (even if they use the bible) . . but If I have
to tell them where in the bible they can find the answer - they get 1/2
of the points.   I have prizes they can all chose from, but the team
with the most points gets to choose first.  When asked why all the kids
get prizes - the answer is that they all worked together to get the
puzzle, and anytime we work in the bible, we are winners!
The prizes vary from candy - to coins they can later "buy" prizes with
from my prize chest, or a free prize out of the box.  (prizes are found
at bargain stores, usually in bulk at reasonable prices.) If you decide
to use this, I hope your students enjoy it as much as mine do!  (This is
the only game they ask to play anymore.   :)
God Bless You!

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3) Games in Sunday school

I love the idea about playing games in Sunday school, especially when it
could be used as a teaching tool. One thing I would probably do different
is instead of eliminating the person if they don't know the answer, is
they then get to choose another person to help them. I think it might be
better to focus on the learning part and not on what they don't know, that
could be very intimidating for some kids. Another idea is to have teams
and then they could ask anyone on their team for help if they don't know
the answer. Still one more idea is to have the person who catches the
ball ask the questions to the others. I am sure there could be lots of
ways to play this game. Good luck!
Surrey B.C. Canada 

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4) Games in Sunday school

Kali – you have the right idea to play some games in Sunday School, but
they should be used to review the point of your Bible Story, or to teach
somehow. I would suggest tossing a ball to each child to learn part of
the memory verse if you have one – hot potato style – divide the verse
into parts.

Another game my children love (ages Grade 1 to 5) is using two ice cream
two or four  bean bags. Divide into teams each getting 2-3 tries to toss
the bean bags into the buckets – if you get one in, you try to say the
entire verse from memory…the
kids don’t “get” that this is a fun way to learn the verse. Using a short
of course.

You could use two large brown grocery sacks (one for each team). In the
sack is a cut-up version of the memory verse. (I type it out on card stock on my
computer, then cut it into a few pieces, like a puzzle.)  In the sack also is some
shredded paper from our paper shredder. The idea is each time they run down
(various ways, or hop), and try to pick up one piece of the puzzle and take it back to be
assembled by the team. First team to have it assembled sits down and recites the
verse together.

I have other ideas, but hope this will get you started. Games for just
games-sake is just not the idea in Sunday School – don’t waste time that way – but in
a fun creative way, use games to teach whatever your lesson is. I have taught
for many years in various capacities and love doing games and crafts with children,
but only in such a way that they point to the lesson the Lord has laid on your
heart. His kids deserve that much. Keep on working with kids – sounds as if your
heart is right.

Love in Christ,

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--> Bible Lessons for the New Year!

"Hands-on lessons of the Bible" are easy-to-implement and can be incorporated
into rotation-type programs!

Available at:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/curriculum.html 

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5) Song: Jesus Christ Is Coming To Town

My friend Kelly Neal wrote the following lyrics. I thought they should be
shared with SSTN. Since they go to a known tune - I thought it would be an
easy song for others to use. I personally like it because it takes a Santa
message and turns the tune to glorifying God!
Use it however you like - she gave me permission to pass this on to SSTN
for her. 
(sung to the tune of Santa Clause is coming to town)
You better have faith
You better not doubt
It will be too late
when you see Him in the clouds
Jesus Christ is coming to town
He wants to be your Savior
And take away you sins
He wants to live inside you
But you must ask Him in
O you better not wait
You better not doubt
It will be too late
When you see Him in the clouds
Jesus Christ is coming to town
He's making a list
And checking it twice
He'll know for sure
If you're in the Lamb's Book of Life
Jesus Christ is coming to town
You better have faith
You better not doubt
It will be too late
When you see Him in the clouds
Jesus Christ is coming to town
He's prepared a place in Heaven
He wants to take you there
He has lots and lots of treasure
With you He'd like to share
You better not wait
You better not doubt
Every knee will bow
When you see Him in the clouds
Jesus Christ is coming to town
There are many who will trick you
And lead your heart astray
If you want to go to Heaven
Christ is the ONLY WAY
You better have faith
You better not doubt
It will be too late
When you see Him in the clouds
Jesus Christ is coming to town!!!
(Pay attention to the refrain, it changes a little each time!!)


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6) Nursery Age?

I would like to ask anyone if they have any experience with nursery school
age kids in sunday school.  I only have 3 kids but their ages are 2 years,
4 and 5 year olds.  I don't know whether to try a lesson or just let them
play?  What should I do?  What is other people's experience with this age
kids?  They are all boys and sorta hyper and the room is really small
too.  Thanks for any help.

--from SSTN: this age group is ripe for the harvest! They can learn so
much and do it in such a way that is fun and eternally beneficial. Even
though the two year old is very young compared to the four and five year
old, he or she should be included too. Use Bible skits for "dress-up" to
act out the Bible story (you're the director). As well as lots of hands-on
activities using clay, paint, blocks, etc. to reinforce the story. One of
the best books for this age group, in my opinion, is a book called "Pray &
Play" (Vol. 1 and 2). You can find it in our bookstore. Just type the
title into the search box at:

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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7) Games in Sunday school

> I don't mind them playing silent ball, but I would like to incorporate the
>lesson , or the bilbe into it. 

I like your idea of having them answer review questions.  How about having
the child that catches the ball ASK a review question, then toss it to the
child who can answer?  Also, something I have seen done before in classes
where memory work is required--pass the ball in a circle or randomly, and
each child who catches the ball must say the next word/words of the memory
verse.  The children like to see how fast they can go, and it really
forces them to think.  God Bless!


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8) Fund Raiser

>I am looking for creative ideas for fund raising.  We are going to have

Why not have a silent auction at each booth?  Ask for donations from the
girls in the club to represent the badges they are displaying--a Bible,
journal, and other items for the Bible badge, a worship CD (made or
bought) and other items for Music, and so on--then wrap them beautifully
in Dollar Store baskets or bags.  Have the baskets/items at the booths and
a chart for people to bid for the item, with a suggested starting
donation.  You could probably incorporate this fund raising with other
ideas at the same function.  Good luck, and I hope you are blessed!


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9) Fundraiser

Turn this into a carnival! We did this for a couple years for
our church-school, and it was always a hit. We had a cake walk, sold
food like nachos, hotdogs, brownies, soft drinks, etc (we did a combo like
thing for about $2.00 or you could buy the stuff separately). We sold
tickets and had several booths for families to participate in activities,
such as a duck pond, tossing rings over pop cans, golf, etc. The most
popular one was the pie-in-the-face booth - which was my booth actually.
My sunday school kids gleefully lined up to smear whipped cream in my
face! =) When everyone tired of smearing me, we had a couple of other
volunteers as well. This was always a very successful fundraiser.

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10) New Year's Time Capsule

Sarah, this is a good project for grandmothers who use fiber laxatives
like Metamucil.  Keep the containers and let kids use them for time
capsules. They are not only sturdy but waterproof. They can write all
about themselves and then bury them for the time they want to leave them.
Helen Setser

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