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SSTN # 19 - March 3, 2006

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Easter Story Cards

1) Teacher not getting through
2) Respect for church building?
3) Missions For Kids
4) Lord's Prayer in Candles?
5) Not getting through

He's Risen Eggs!

6) Prayer with Primaries
7) Teaching Reverence?
8) Whatever Holiday Caroling
9) Servanthood Film?
10) Heaven / Race?

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Easter Story Cards

TWELVE Egg-shaped cards that tell the Easter Story.  

Read how one of our teachers used the egg patterns during her lesson time:
(you may need to copy and paste the link to your browser)

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1) Teacher not getting through

This is for the teacher who feels like she is not getting through.  I have
been in the same situation.  Please do not give up and feel like you are
not getting through to them.  I had a class of really roudy boys. 
(Sometimes I didn't even feel like they listened long enough to even hear
a word I said.) Here's a few tips. 

Repetition - I use standard publishing material and sometimes I would get
bored when lessons repeated but this is a big key to learning.  Each time
they hear a story they may pick up a new detail. If possible follow up
with a movie about the story now and then. 

Games - play games but give them multiple choice answers to help them.
Sometimes they may not be able to think of the answer but if they hear it
they know it is right.  This helps them build it into their memory. 

Busy work - give them something to do with their hands while they
listen.  Coloring a picture while you tell a story sometimes helps keeps
them quieter but they are able to listen without getting bored. 

Pray - pray for each child and find that one thing you love about each
child and let that show through when you teach. Children can sense
frustration or love.  It impacts their learning.  My boys now have gone on
to another  class but by the time they left I was amazed at how much they
new even though I felt like they didn't listen.

Mary Beth

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2) Respect for church building?

I need help with lessons to teach to K-3 students about being quiet in
church and classes.  How do I go about this without offending parents and
driving them away?
In Christ

from SSTN: The Golden Rule: Matthew 7:12
You'll find a lot of help in the archives too:

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3) Missions For Kids

A great idea recently shared with me is to have the children in your
ministry build a wall using paper bricks. The bricks are earned when a
designated amount of money or items has been collected. Once the wall is
complete, the money or items are sent to the mission of your choice.

To learn more about "Missions For Kids", click the link on our home page's
Site Menu at: http://www.SundaySchoolNetwork.com 

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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4) Lord's Prayer in Candles?

I was going through the archives on the topic of the Lord's Prayer.  I
found one of interest from Sept 23, 2003.  I tried to send an email to the
address that was listed but came back. 

I was wondering if anyone has anything on this or if the person who posted
this still receives these postings but has just changed their address I
would appreciate hearing from you. 

I any one has anything please email it to
suttonnancy78@hotmail.com . 
Thank you for your help.

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He's Risen Eggs

Use a child-friendly Bible and the twelve He's Risen Egg Holders to tell
the Easter story. Each egg picture is numbered to correspond with its
explanation. Let your class color and cut their own set. Get the
complimentary "Palm Branches" pattern with explanations at:


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5) Not getting through

I have Ist grade boys in my Sunday school class also.  The best way for me
to get their attention is to do as many activities as possible where the
kids get up and move around.  The boys seem to learn better with hands on
activities.  Sometimes I have them stand up and stretch for a minute if I
seem to be losing their attention during longer periods of discussion.  I
usually give them treats like candy if they can relay back to me the main
points of our lesson.  They listen more carefully if they get to have
candy for answering a question!  A other techique that has been helpful
for me is to have them fold their hands if they are having trouble sitting
quietly.  Hope this helps. God bless you,  Misti Bridges

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6) Prayer with Primaries

Great idea, Hollie.  I have been using strips of coloured construction
paper to write down answers to prayer and connecting them to make a
chain.  I like your idea of writing the request and posting it, as well.


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7) Teaching Reverence?

At what age and how, could showing reverence to God be taught?  Or is this
something that comes out of their growing love of Jesus?


--from SSTN: as soon as you begin talking to children -- even in the womb
:) you can begin creating an environment of love and respect for God
through songs, prayer, and later with lifestyle and direct teaching. And
certainly as our love for God grows, reverence grows as well, but like
everything good, it begins with with wise teaching and actions.
(We never have to teach children how to be bad or disrepectful.)
The first three commandments show us how to show love and respect for God
AND why it is good for us! For example: The first commandment says:

Have no other gods. Exodus 20:3.
In this commandment, we learn of God’s love by knowing that God is the
only true God. He is the one who created us, loves us, and is powerful
enough to help us. He is the only God we will ever need. Therefore, why
would we want any other "gods"?

For a lesson on this, go to:

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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8) Whatever Holiday Caroling

Am thinking a group could go "Whatever Holiday Caroling"
at any time with similar results. (Or could sing at a nursing home.)
I had my group make cards for Christmas and Valentine's Day and did a
similar thing at a local nursing home.  It is an incredible experience for
the young and old alike.  I would be real careful with candy though.  Many
at a nursing home are not able to have any -- learned this at Christmas! 
I would like to go again around Easter but would like the kids to make
something other than a card but does not involve candy.  Does anyone have
any suggestions?  (Cheap!!!)  Thanks
Angie in California

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9) Servanthood Film?

Does anyone know of any films that address the issue of "Servanthood" or
"Servitude"?  Looking for a film to show on Retreat.  Or a film that goes
along with Isaiah 26:8

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10) Heaven / Race?

Looking for ideas for teaching children about heaven, lessons, object
lessons, etc.  I am having trouble finding anything out there to teach
elementary children about heaven.

Also, looking for ideas to create an "Amazing Jesus Race" to help children
learn the importance of appreciating each other's gifts and abilities as
well as differences based on having teams of kids move to different rooms
decorated within the church to represent difference countries similar to
the TV show The Amazing Race.  Has anyone done anything like that or have
any suggestions?

Linda Annett

--from SSTN: please respond to SSTN so all may benefit.
Also, check out the Amazing Race game in the Games section at:
AND, check out all the "heaven" responses at:

A great book about heaven is entitled, "Someday Heaven" by ZonderKidz.
You can find it by typing the title into the search box at:  

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