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June 9, 2015 -- Issue #19




In today's newsletter:

1) Father's Day Craft

2) Father's Day Craft for Older Kids?

3) Bible Puppet Skit: Honoring Parents

4) Jonah - No Ordinary Fish Tale

Bible Heroes of Faith Hebrews 11








      Get Super Heroes of the Bible

1) Father's Day Craft: I'm Hooked on Daddy!

For ages 2-7

What you need: little hands, small canvas board, acrylic paint, brushes, permanent marker.

What you do: paint canvas board with a wash of blue paint and allow to dry. Paint one palm of hand using your choice of color. Press palm vertically along the bottom of the board to create the "sea-grass." Paint the palm . . . 


Get the directions for this "Hooked on Daddy" Father's Day Craft. (See alternate text too.)



2) Father's Day Craft for Older Kids?

Over the years we've received many Father's Day craft ideas for younger kids, but what about something for older kids to make? If you have a craft idea that would be age appropriate for upper elementary kids, please email and have it posted here!



3) Bible Puppet Skit: Honoring Parents

(Two Puppets: Grandpa and Grandson)

Grandson: “Hey Grandpa, why are you so smart?”

Grandpa: “What do you mean son?”

Grandson: “You know, you are always telling me what to do and giving me rules to live by.”

Grandpa: “I can do that because my Mom and Dad gave me wise sayings and rules to help guide me through life. I now see the wisdom in why they gave me rules. Hey son, let’s play a game.”

Grandson: “Ok. What do we do?”

Grandpa: “Ask me a question and I will give you the right answer.”

Grandson: “You’re on Grandpa. Okay, here is my first question – Why can’t I stay up till 12:00 PM every night?”

Grandpa: “Well son, the answer to that is . . . read more of our
Honoring Parents Bible Skit.



4) Jonah - No Ordinary Fish Tale -- Lessons for Children on God's Mercy and Salvation

The book of Jonah is only four chapters long; in it there is much to learn about our lives and relationship to God. Jonah is full of spiritual truths for today, yet it only takes a few minutes to read the entire book. Check out our Bible book summary, below:

Ch. 1 – Jonah Disobeys God – God sends a Storm. Life Application: God may send storms into our lives to bring us back to him. 

Ch. 2 – Jonah Repents in the Fish – God delivers him. Life Application: God provided protection for Jonah while “in the fish.” When we’re “in Christ” we too are protected from God’s judgment. God forgives those you are repentant

Ch. 3 – Jonah Obeys God – Preaches to the Ninevites. Life Application: God does not show favoritism, but accepts men “people” from every nation who fear him and do what is right. 

Ch. 4 – Jonah is angry with God – God disciplines him. Life Application: God’s ways are not our ways. God disciplines those he loves. 

Get our 
Bible lessons on Jonah.

Jonah Bible Lessons for Kids


Have you written a Bible lesson, game, craft, or skit for children's ministry? 
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