August 26, 2013 -- Issue #19 - Volume 14


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1) Holy Spirit: Helper, Counselor, Keeper
2) Plant-Talk
3) The Wedding Banquet - Skit
4) Signs of the Times - Modern Parables for Children



1) Holy Spirit: Helper, Counselor, Keeper 

Objective: To understand how the third person of the Trinity--the Holy Spirit--helps us, and what Jesus had to say concerning him and our lives. 

Begin the lesson by telling the following scenario:

"There once were two children, a boy and a girl, whose parents were going out of town for the night. They had just moved to the area, so the parents didn't want to leave them alone with a stranger. Thankfully the grandfather lived nearby, so they asked him to care for the children while they were gone. Before the parents left, they told their children to be good, obey their rules, and to make sure they cleaned their rooms before they returned home.

Well, as soon as the parents left, the children wanted to go outside and play. But the grandfather reminded them that they weren't allowed to play . . . to get the rest of the Holy Spirit: Helper, Counselor, Keeper lesson, visit the following page: 


2) Plant-Talk

Theme: Christian Growth -- Growing into the Potential God has planned for you

Scripture References: Isaiah 61:10-11; Luke 2:22-40; Jeremiah 29:11

Props: Various types of seeds, a microphone

Greet the children as they come up for the message. Good morning! Let me show you what I have brought with me this morning. What are these? [Seeds]. What do we do with them? [Plant them, water them, etc.] What might grow? [Get responses].

Say! Iíve got an idea! Letís do a play together! Here, Iíll give each of you one of these seeds [Careful with the younger childrenÖ we donít want any seeds up the nose, in ears, etc.! You might just pass around a baggie with seeds inside and have the children look at them.] Now, you pretend to be . . . get the rest of this lesson, visit the following page, and then click on "Plant-Talk" at:


3) The Wedding Banquet - Bible Skit

A parable about God's invitation to all people and coming to him on his terms and not our own. Based on Matthew 22:1-14. 

The narrator reads the script while the actors follow the italicized prompts given by the narrator.


"One day when Jesus was teaching he told a story about a wedding party. See if you can understand what he wants us to know about God's Kingdom from this story:

The king prepared a big party to celebrate the marriage of his son to his bride. 

(Take a bow Son and Bride.)

The king sent his servants to those who had been . . . get the rest of The Wedding Banquet skit in our
Anytime Christian Skits & Bible Dramas section at: 


4) Signs of the Times - Modern Parables for Children

Jesus taught his followers about the kingdom of Heaven by using everyday objects. And since most children look with anticipation to the day they can drive a car, what better way to explain the life-saving lessons of God's kingdom than by using common objects such as street signs? Traffic signs show us the right way to go and warn us of what lies ahead. Is this not what God's Word does for us? These "Signs of the Times" lessons are designed to teach children how to choose the right road in life and strengthen their relationship to Jesus Christ! For K-5th grade. 

Sample Lesson One at: 

An Overview of the Book of Acts
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