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1) The Scariest Words in the Bible

2) Lighthouse Lessons

3) Bible Game: Trip Through the Bible

4) Bible Game: ABC

5) Been Changed Ice-Breaker

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1) The Scariest Words in the Bible

Ask children to think of scary words or things that scare them. When you say go, have them shout them out loud. 


"Oh my those are scary words! But there are much scarier words in the Bible than those, and Jesus said them! Let me read them to you." 

Read Matthew 7:21-23 from a child-friendly Bible.

"What do you suppose we must do to keep from being sent away from Jesus? The Bible tells us we must turn from our sin and turn to God. We are to say with our mouths, 'Jesus is Lord,' and believe in our hearts that God raised him from the dead." 

Get the rest of this activity.


2) Lighthouse Lessons

We've just finished our second week using the Lighthouse Lessons. We have a bright group of 10-13 children attending. Last week we made our Lighthouse Lantern Memory Keepers and will hang them up this week. (Pictures to follow.) I wanted to share with you what one of the girls said as we moved through the "Glory Scenarios," those times in Scripture where God showed up in light and glory. If you're using this curriculum then you'll know we introduce 10 glory occasions in Lesson One. One of the girls raised her hand and said, "But what about the Flaming Sword in the Garden of Eden? (We had discussed the flaming sword in "Signs of the Times.") 

I acknowledged her statement and said that's a great observation, but didn't really consider it until later. Upon further consideration, I think she's absolutely correct! In fact, the rest of God showing up in his glory is pivotal to that Flaming Sword! God placed the Sword at the entrance to the garden so that Adam and Eve couldn't eat of the Tree of Life IN THEIR SINFUL state. Because if they had, the entire human race would have been eternally condemned. BUT GOD, in his mercy, placed a protection over the garden, in the same way he set boundaries at the foot of the Fiery Mountain so that the people wouldn't be consumed, see Exodus 19:16-23.

Praise God, from the mouths of babes!

Teach the Book of Acts


3) Bible Game: Trip Through the Bible

I tell the kids that we are taking a trip through the Bible but will never leave our seats. I begin by saying "I took a trip through the Bible and found "Abraham." The next child will repeat what I said and then add something they found that begins with the next letter in the alphabet (eg. Beersheba). The second child then says "I took a trip through the Bible and found Abraham and Beersheba." The third child says, "I took a trip through the Bible and found Abraham, Beersheba, and Canaan." Play continues as such for the whole alphabet.


4) Bible Game: ABC

Choose a topic such as Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, Jesus, Books of the Bible, Heroes, Old Testament, etc. Choose ONE topic per session. On the board, write the topic. Below that write each letter of the alphabet with 2 blank lines to write-in words next to each letter. Create teams and have each child take a turn giving a word from scripture that begins with any of the  letters. (IMPORTANT - The words must be pertinent to scripture. For example, if the letter is "t" then an acceptable answer would be Ten Commandments, Thomas, tithe; answers that are not acceptable are normal everyday words like "the, them, tomorrow, to.") Once those two blanks are filled in for each letter, no one may give another answer beginning with that letter. Have the children "justify" some of their questionable answers. You'll be surprised what they learn and what you will learn!


5) Been Changed Ice Breaker Game

Teams are determined by a colored spot or number on each nametag. After the teams of 2, 3, or 4 are assembled, give them large index cards on which have been written three verses of Scripture. Slightly alter one of the verses. The group has to identify the incorrect verse. (Jeopardy-type answers are also very good.)

Bible Games for Children's Ministry


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