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SSTN # 18 - March 1, 2006

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1) Bible Olympics program
2) Non-Christian Love songs
3) Communion?
4) Preschool Children's Church?
5) Non-Christian love songs

..... Ash Wednesday & Lent Ideas .....

6) Handling Sensitive Topics
7) S- E -X and the Book of Esther
8) Special Needs Ministry?
9) Secular songs
10) Non - Christian Songs Can Unite

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1) Bible Olympics program

I did Bible Olympics in our church several years ago.  Decor was red,
white, and blue...streamers, balloons, etc.  Children were divided into
two teams (RED and BLUE)  each with an adult or older teen leader....they
sat in numbered chairs as teams....each took home copy of story (I used
the story of Joseph and coat of colors; broken into several weeks) and
questions were asked the following week.... I had a fish bowl with ping
pong balls that corrisponded with the numbers on the chairs....I pulled
one out and the two children (one per team) would sit in the "hot seat"
and answer a question about the story they studied at home. (whisper in my
ear).  Team points were awarded for a "good guess" and more for a correct
answer. After every 5 questions we had a group game; relays, basketball
throws, etc with again points awarded for "good try" and winning.  We
played for one month.....maybe it was six weeks...the kids LOVED it....so
did their team leaders.....who were responsible for calling kids on their
team, reminding them to study, and more....Hope this helps...Dianne, AL.

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2) Non-Christian Love songs
In Response to Donna about using non-Christian Love songs and adapting
I’m with Norma – go for it!  In my Missiology class in Bible College one
of the things we were taught about modern missions was the big change from
the past in  living with and evangelizing native cultures. In the past all
traditions of the native culture were considered bad and “unchristi an”.
This not only made the people more resistant to the Gospel message, but it
destroyed some wonderful cultural traditions. Now missionaries take the
approach of - if it’s spiritually neutral (as many secular songs are)
leave it alone, if it has some aspects that aren’t appropriate but can be
adapted in a spiritually positive way – do it (this is what you are
wanting to do), and of course if it is totally bad (i.e. worshiping false
gods, certain rituals) then those will have to be done away with.
Isn’t this what we’ve done with Christmas trees? We took a pagan tradition
and adapted it. Our National Anthem is sung to the melody of a drinking
song, should we no longer sing it in church?
A few years back there was an interesting article in a ministry magazine
about “What is Christian Music?” Is it only music sung by a Christian?
Only recorded on a Christian label? Only of specific topics? Only written
before 1950 to be played on an organ? The writer came to the conclusion,
which I agree with,  that any music, which has a message that reflects
scripture, and that brings us into a closer relationship with God –
Father, Son, Holy Spirit   - is “Christian music.
Linda in Edmonds

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3) Communion?

I teach Children's Church and periodically have a special lesson on
Communion.  Any ideas on how to present this to 3-10 year olds?  Thanks,
Melba Faurot

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4) Preschool Children's Church?

Our church is about to divide our children church and make a preschool
children church. I desperately need someone to point the way to good
material or how to go about this!
thanks! blessings!

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Ash Wednesday & Lent Ideas

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5) Non-Christian love songs

I do not usually get into these type of discourses. However, I am not able
to let this go by. In reference to the use of "love songs" for Christian
purposes, I would not limit God's vision with my own.
He uses all things for good, even the worst can be turned into good
through His work. Perhaps, some of the people do not realize that most of
our "Christian" symbols, songs, etc. had origins elsewhere, rather than in
the church.
The Salvation Army used saloon songs, changed the words and made Christian
songs; as did John Wesley and others. Most of the music used for our
greatest songs was not originally Christian music.
Also, we need to remember that the lovely Christmas tree was a Pagan
symbol at one time. The list is rather long and worth doing some study.
Oh, and even here on this website I have seen words written and the
reference to "sing to the tune of..."

May God continue to bless us all with open eyes and love for one another
Gloria A.

PS Did you know that Amazing Grace can be sung to many different types of
music, not just the "traditional"?

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6) Handling Sensitive Topics

>So some children went home and is their nature they talked about it
>and one child asked their parents if when they share a bed they are having
> sex. The said parents were furious and caused quite an uproar about

This situation also has happened to us at our church before.
Now, I try to let the parents know ahead of time what we will be studying
(not always possible ).
And I always, encourage the parents to come  WITH their child  to Sunday
School themselves ! Then they can sit in on the class ,if they like, to
just what & how it is we are studying.
They usually don't attend as a family and that is the saddest part of it
Lamar Co,TX

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7) SEX and the Book of Esther

I have been teaching for over 35 years and have never mentioned that as a
criteria to be queen when I taught on Esther.   We talk about how he was
looking for a beautiful girl who had a beautiful spirit.  You don't say
what ages are involved, but I really don't think that is the main point of
the lesson.
Regarding Mary - we say she and Joseph were not married, and it is God's
plan for people to be married when they have children. We do not go into
long explanations about her being a virgin (in fact do not even use the
word). In this day and time being a young unwed pregnant woman is
acceptable by the world (unfortunately), so we stress that God wants
parents to be married and then have children.

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8) Special Needs Ministry?

I am pondering if this edition of SSTN came by Divine Appointment.  I keep
getting exposed to Special Needs scenarios (I teach at a Christian school,
have had a different student with PDD 3 years in a row) and at open house,
nearly 1/2 of the parents I spoke with have children with some type of
special needs.  Now at church, where I am the Children's Ministry
director, we also have 2 children with such needs.
So.. following where God is working - and apparently leading - I get your
email with the special needs Sunday School article.  "Okay, God.  I'm
 I do not have experience here but am willing to obey God's leading.  If
ANYBODY has ANYTHING (articles, wisdom, advice), etc. I would greatly
welcome any input you can give

Thank you for any help you can offer
Your sister in Christ

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9) Secular songs

I too, used to listen to secular music, but have not listened to a secular
station in years.  I love the Christian contemporary music and the
messages that the songs bring.  I also attended a "women's" coference
where the artist sang secular songs and changed the words.  I was one of
the 99.9 women clapping, singing and swaying with her.  In my opinion, if
you are singing a song to Jesus and mean it with all of your heart, does
it really matter who wrote the original words and tune as long as the
words are condusive to the respect of the way the song is re-written?  Is
not that the song that may stick in your head because it is a familiar
tune?  I also am aware of many songs that were written for children -
songs that were secular to begin with (for example, "Row, row, row your
boat) that we as Christians have changed the wording and kept the tune to
teach children about Jesus.  I am not saying that you are wrong in your
conviction, but just to have an open mind to where the Lord may be leading
some people.
In Christ's Love,

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10)  Non - Christian Songs Can Unite

Imagine yourself as a non-Christian woman at a conference with a group of
Christian women (because not all women who attend the conferences are
Christians).  You are enjoying the music, but you don’t know the Praise
and Worship songs that the majority of the other women are joining in
singing.  You are feeling left out and uncomfortable watching all of the
women around you singing and having a good time.  Then, one of the worship
leaders sings a secular song that you know from the “oldies” station! 
Wait, she has changed the words, but I can sing it because I know the
tune!!!  And, all the women around me are singing too!!  And with a few
wonderful re-makes of some secular songs, Christians and Non-Christians
are united.  You have the tunes of the songs and the “new” words running
through your head and witnessing to you over and over.  Isn’t that what
Christ wants us to do?  Reach others in the places that they are in?

A sister in Christ

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