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Newsletter Issue #18 --  June 7, 2016 



Mission Statement: brings over 25 years of experience to children's ministry. Our Bible lesson plans and activities are designed to lead children to Christ, helping them grow in their faith, so they can proclaim the good news message to the next generation.  


In today's newsletter:

1) Song: I'm a Kingdom Kid

2) Bible Heroes Introduction

3) Bible Jeopardy Game?

4) Father's Day Devotional


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Super Heroes of the Bible, Bible Heroes


1) Song: I'm a Kingdom Kid

--from SSTN: The following lyrics were sent in by Cynthia Roberson, a fellow teacher in our network. She wrote it to coordinate with our Beatitudes and Sermon on the Mount Bible Lesson Plans. The tune isn't written down, but she wanted to share it with you. She said, "You can sing it to a known tune or use a 4/4 beat." 

Thank you, Cynthia, for your willingness to share your creativity with the other teachers here on SSTN!

I'm a Kingdom Kid
The Kingdom's where I live
I'm a Kingdom Kid
Cause of what Jesus did (2X)


Cause of what Jesus did 
I'm a Kingdom Kid
I'm a Kingdom Kid
Cause of what Jesus did


Jesus came down from Heaven
Came down to save my soul 
Delivering me from all evil
Making me his own

Because of Christ I am redeemed
Blessed by the gift of grace 
Not because of anything I've done
It's all because of faith

I'm a Kingdom Kid
The Kingdom's where I live
I'm a Kingdom Kid
Cause of what Jesus did (2X)

Copyright 2016  Cynthia “Lady Rose” Roberson



Bible Games for Children's Ministry



2) Bible Heroes Introduction

Begin class by asking, What is a super hero? (Listen for answers. i.e. real life heroes, comic book heroes, sports, etc.) 

What are some characteristics of super heroes? What are they like? Can you name any Super Heroes? (Listen for answers.)

Super heroes are people of honor; they are courageous, or brave. They are people with integrity, having good reputations. People of honor know right from wrong and choose to do right. People think well of them and say good things about them. We respect them and hold them in high regard. 

Sometimes heroes are famous, and sometimes they aren’t. But the one characteristic that makes super heroes different from other people is that they have willing hearts to do a special task to rescue others. They put other people before themselves, and sometimes endanger their own lives!

Have you ever heard the Bible stories of David and Goliath? Or Noah’s Ark? Have you ever stopped to consider what would have happened if David the shepherd boy had said, “I’m too young to serve God. Ask someone else to be king.” or “I’m too busy tending my sheep.” or, “I’m way too small to defeat Goliath! He could kill me!”? All those excuses would be true, but what might have been the result? Well, Goliath and the Philistines might have defeated Israel, and God’s people would have died. What if Noah had said, “Rain? There’s no such thing as that much rain that could flood the earth! I can’t build an ark to save my family, because if I do my friends and neighbors will make fun of me!” What would have happened if Noah said this? Well, maybe the entire human race would have been destroyed!

The truth is, God has a plan for all of his creation. If Noah or David hadn’t obeyed God, he would most likely have used someone else to do these special tasks. But think of the miracles and the super hero experiences they would have missed out on by not having willing hearts to obey God! You see, God loves us and gives us the privilege to work with him to carry out his will! All it takes is a willing heart, ready to obey him!

Super Heroes of the Bible examines the lives of David and Noah, as well as some other men and women, boys and girls, and some famous and not-so-famous people from the Bible, who had willing hearts to obey God. And by obeying him, they were used in miraculous and powerful ways to help change the course of history! 

Theme Memory Verse “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline” 2 Timothy 1:7 (NIV).

Use the following motions to accompany the verse:
God: point towards Heaven,
Fear: put both hands to mouth and look afraid,
Power: clench fists and show your muscles,
Love: cross arms over chest,
Self-discipline: head held high, arms down to sides with feet spread apart, and chest proudly pushed out.

It is the goal of Super Heroes of the Bible to help children discover how they can become a super hero for Jesus and change history! Learn more about our Bible Heroes Lesson Plans and the lineup of Super Heroes.)



3) Bible Jeopardy Game?

I just used the Bible Jeopardy Game created by Colleen and it was a hit with my class. Is there another version with different category questions and answers that I may use in the future? It is very easy version to use.

--from SSTN: that game was sent in by a fellow teacher. Sorry to say, in all the years this game has been in the site, and used by many other teachers, no one has added to it. HOWEVER, for anyone reading this post, if you are interested in sending in your additions to the game, I will gladly add them. In the meantime, you could use our Bible Stack-O! cards to create questions and answers, particularly under a "Bible Facts" category or a "Books of the Bible" category.



Ten Commandments Lessons for Children



4) Father's Day Devotional

You may not know about my relationship with my Dad. To say it has been “strained” over my lifetime would be an understatement. You see, I’ve never seen my Dad! 

Imagine my astonishment when my mom gave me a letter that my dad had written to me! She gave it to me years ago; I have had the letter for a long time, but wouldn’t open it. Mom said it was important that I had it – and she wouldn’t press me to read it – but she was sure that someday the time would be right and I would open the letter and read it and finally understand my dad. 

I guess a part of me didn’t even want to know him. There were times in my life that I truly felt abandoned by him. I would get so mad. Where was he when I needed him most? Why didn't he make himself available to me? I was his little girl; every little girl needs her dad throughout her life! I’m sure I made decisions as a teen that would not have pleased my dad, but I figured he wasn’t there, so he would never know anyway.

I never understood WHY – why couldn’t I see him? Why couldn’t I talk to him? Why wasn’t he here to answer my questions?  . . . 

Continue reading about my Dad's Letter---a Father's Day Devotional.




Please send more information on VBS scriptures:

Day 1: Genesis 22:1-14, Day 2 Exodus 34:1-10, Day 3: 2 Samuel 5;1-10, Day 4 1King 18:16-39, Day 5 Luke 9:28-37. These are our Scriptures everyday. Day 1 22:14, Day 2 34:10, Day 3 5:10, Day 4 18:39, Day 5 9:37. Please help me.

--from SSTN: I'm so glad you are seeking help here at SSTN. But your request is so broad. It is helpful to SSTN, and the other teachers in the network, to focus what kind of help is needed. Do you have an existing program theme and need help building on it? Do you need story ideas? Crafts? Games, etc.?  You are more likely to get help when you ask for a specific request. For example, "Day One" could be summarized as "God Provides." But is this your theme?

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><



6) Best Books for VBS?

What are your best suited books for VBS Classes? 

--from SSTN: thank you for asking! Since most VBS programs are offered as an outreach into the community, I think it is most important to teach children the Ten Commandments. If children do not know of God's holy standard, then how will they ever know the consequences of their sin, and their need of a Savior? In light of that, I would recommend God's Top Ten. Each lesson has a craft and a game to reinforce it. (You also have the option to purchase a video to teach the commandments, and bookmarks and posters for the children to take home.) However, all of our Bible curriculum books for children's ministry are written so that each lesson includes a craft and game. So really, any of our Bible curriculum books could be adapted to a VBS program. 


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