July 17, 2013 -- Issue #18 - Volume 14


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1) More Ministry Monologues
2) Our Expert Father - Devotional
3) Icebreaker Game: Colors of Life

4) Ananias & Sapphira Rap



1) More Ministry Monologues

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2) Our Expert Father

"I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for Me?" 
(Jeremiah 32:27).

This idea came to me one day while flipping through the television stations. On nearly every channel, there is a talk show or someone being interviewed in reference to being an expert on some particular subject. The same thing applies online; everyone has a blog or a website with an answer to your problems. 

Observing these experts and listening to them impart their wisdom or revelations made me think of God. 

When we are broken or have trouble in a particular area, why are we looking to other people for answers when we know God is the Expert of our being. Imagine how God feels when we seek advice elsewhere. How would you feel if your child went to a neighbor who didn't know him or her as well and asked for advice instead of asking you? That would hurt. We should not be behaving as teenagers, sharing our problems with friends or neighbors. We should seek expert advice from our Father. 

God Is in the Fixing Business - "The Lord God said it is not good for man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him" (Genesis 2:18). God saw that Adam was lonely, and He responded. . . . 

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3) Icebreaker Game: Colors of Life 

Take a bag of M&M's and tell everyone to grab a handful...or you don't have to specify to make it funny! Assign a different meaning to each color. For example, blue= family, green=school, yellow=friends; and however many they have in their hands, that is how many facts they have to tell. They may also eat them either after the game or directly after they say their fact. (It's kind of funny when someone says, "Blue...I have two sisters.", then eats the M&M. "Yellow...my best friend's name is Sue.", and eats the M&M.)

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4) Ananias & Sapphira Rap

A humorous approach to a serious Bible story of the consequences of not
telling the truth. It's no laughing matter! Download this resource from our
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An Overview of the Book of Acts

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