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1) Tight Budgets
2) Easter Egg Idea
3) Successful High School Class?
4) Faith Skit Idea

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5) Eggs, Easter & Pagan Rituals

6) Eggs & the Trinity
Names of God Presentation? 

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1) Tight Budgets

We know budgets are tight, so as we head into our summertime lessons, and in an effort to help provide for your children, starting today SSTN will offer weekly specials to their subscribers--YOU! 

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2) Easter Egg Idea

You could also explain it this way. The egg shell represents the tomb and the yolk inside is the new life. Just as the chick hatches and breaks the shell, Jesus was also victorious and broke out of the tomb to give us new life!




3) Successful High School Class?

How do you have a successful High School Bible class where the kids are respectful and excited about studying the Bible? 

--from SSTN: Before I became a mother, I had no interest in learning about parenting skills or what the Bible had to say about it. People respond to subject matter that is relevant to their lives. By learning what your young people are interested in and developing relationships with them, you will gain their respect. Find out what kinds of Bible topics they're interested in learning about. I also recommend "Purpose Driven Youth Ministry," as well as the other teen resources listed on the following page: 




4) Faith Skit Idea

This skit is for children and is based on faith....they have to do this skit without the help of voice or speech i.e it is a mute skit the idea behind the skit is for them to portray their emotions and express themselves in a new way....... there are two sisters who have a test tomorrow and are busy studying. when there mother falls ill, both of them spend their day taking care of her. the next morning they realize they're not prepared for the test. one of the sisters decides to cheat, the other attempts to stop her but in vain. the other sister goes on her knees and prays she has FAITH in the Almighty God and continues to prepare. both of them go to school. the elder sister gathers her friends and trusts them to help her cheat, but during the test the elder sister's friends get into trouble, but the the blame is put on the sister, she is suspended, and the younger sister gets good grades and gives all glory to God. THIS SKIT SHOWS DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HAVING FAITH IN A FRIEND verses HAVING FAITH IN JESUS. 

you may add or delete as this is only the outline of the skit 



5) Eggs, Easter and Pagan Rituals

...Eggs are not the domain of any one segment of society and are not inherently evil. We all eat them every day. They can be used in a number of ways to illustrate Biblical truth, and if they can be used to reach children at this time of year, I say, “great.“ If you have reservations about using them, then don’t. Now, the term “ Easter,“ on the other hand, if you really want to get picky, is evocative of the pagan goddess of spring and fertility, called Eostra, and should probably not have been used in the translation of the Bible to begin with.
 – Maureen Dean

--from SSTN: yes, you're right about the word Easter in the old KJV. The original Greek word from Acts 12:4 was "Pascha" for Passover. Modern translations, including the New King James, have corrected that error and named it the feast of Unleavened Bread and/or Passover, which at that time the terms were used interchangeably (you might also find Passover week). For anyone interested in learning more about the Feasts of the Lord, check out the following resource:






6) Eggs and the Trinity

Eggs can be used to teach about the trinity: the shell, the egg white and the yolk are all distinct parts, but still one egg. Any analogy like this falls short of truly explaining the trinity, but it is one more tool that can be used for teaching children.


7) Names of God Presentation?

My class of six students, ages 10-11, shall be making a presentation about the attributes of God through the names El Shaddai, Adonai, El
Elyon to a group of 5-13 year olds. We have no more than 20 minutes. Any suggestions? 

Thank you.

--from SSTN: I've found the best way to be inspired is to go to the root of the idea. In this case, the root is the meaning of these names. El Shaddai means "All Sufficient God, God Almighty"; Adonai means "lord" and El Elyon means "The Most High God." All of these names speak to God's power and authority. So, the question is, how do you convey God's power and authority in a presentation? (I'm assuming by presentation you are referring to some sort of skit.) You could write God's names on large posters that 3 of your kids hold up, one at a time, while one of the other 3 kids "pantomime" the meaning. Allow your kids the opportunity to create their own motions. You could also pantomime the lyrics to the song El Shaddai by Amy Grant. 

And for anyone else who is interested in teaching on God's names, check out "His Name Shall Be Called...":

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><


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