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SSTN # 17 - March 12, 2007

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1) Painting of Jesus
2) Special Needs
3) Perception of God w/ abused girls
4) Perception of God w/ abused girls

Palm Sunday...Only THREE Sundays away!

5) Water Works Decorating Ideas
6) Palm Sunday Ideas?
7) Small Groups
8) Baptism curriculum

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1) Painting of Jesus

This is a really interesting presentation. I have loved the song
"Crucified" that plays while this talented guy paints.

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2) Special Needs

This is for Terry who asked about working with kids with special needs.
I'm a mother of a teenager with cerebra palsy & have taught Sunday School
for many years where we've had several children with special needs at
various times. Just like the other kids in Sunday School, each special
child is different. One of the most important things is to talk to the
parents -- find out how their child learns best or what type of activity
they enjoy doing the most. Pray about how you can best supply for that
need. Rather than change your teaching, you may find that what you need
more than anything is an extra person in class who can give the child more
1-on-1 time -- assistance with physical things like cutting/pasting or
help keeping the child focused, etc -- while you can keep your attention
on the class as a whole.
I would strongly encourage that the extra person NOT be the parent or
usual caregiver. Not only does the child benefit from having someone else
give attention, I believe the parent needs that time for their own renewal
& spiritual teaching. Depending on the disability, plan some special time
(not Sunday School time or the few minutes before) for the parent to do
some teaching about the care of their child so that she feels comfortable
leaving for an hour or so. "Plan B" may be that you can always send
someone to get the parent if absolutely needed.
Joni & Friends - http://www.joniandfriends.org - is a great website with a
lot of resources you & your church could use.
Karen Frank

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3) Perception of God w/ abused girls

>I am inviting valuable suggestions from experienced
>Sunday school teachers. The set of students under my
>care have special needs. They have faced physical
>abuse, desertion from the father, extreme
>poverty, loneliness, want, deprivation, and terrible
>struggle. They are in the teenage group. I am interested
>to prepare few (about 10) bible lessons to be used...

I am a s e xual abuse survivor (my father-a pastor) that is willing to
share my testimony via email if you would like to use that in one of your
lessons. I don't know if you are planning to touch on that topic, but I
wanted you to know I was willing if you wanted it. Because of the intimate
nature of this, I would prefer not to put it on one of these network
emails. If you would like to have my story, please email me at
melissadawn502@cs.com and I will send it to you. I have used it in several
s e xual purity retreats and it has had an impact with a number of girls.I
hope this helps.
In Christ's love,

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4) Perception of God w/ abused girls

Maurice Sweetxur, a regular contributor to SSTN had a helpful article that
would help you in his last newsletter.  If you do not have his address you
could look on his web page for kids http://www.funatkidzone.blogspot.com/
Helen Setser

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Palm Sunday...Only THREE Sundays away!

It's hard to believe, but Palm Sunday is only three Sundays away, and only
four Sundays until Easter! To help you get ready, visit our Easter and
Palm Sunday resources at:

For Bible Crafts: http://www.sundayschoolnetwork.com/page6.html 
For Games: http://www.sundayschoolnetwork.com/page10.html 
For Bible Talks: http://www.sundayschoolnetwork.com/sermons.html 
and for Skits: http://www.sundayschoolnetwork.com/skits.html 

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5) Water Works Decorating Ideas

Sherry, here are some ideas for games below for your VBS theme. You can
set up many stations using these water activities on a rotation basis and
select Bibles stories that are water topics like Moses Crossing the River,

Noah Builds A Boat, Fishing All Night, Ghost on the Water, and The Fish
That Swallowed Jonah.

Puppet scripts can also be used for these Bible stories and even
PowerPoint graphics for the stories.

Hope this is helpful. Decorations may include a boat, net, lighthouse,
fishing equipment, large beach balls, beach towels over the sides of the
boat, fish aquarium (large one), tools for building on display and used as
an object lesson, I will probably put together my own theme and anyone may
have it if they want.

Our VBS is in July and I will not put this together until later. Hope
this is helpful. I would like to hear any other ideas that someone may
Jeanne in Ohio.

Water Games


Trivia Questions

Water Coloring

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6) Palm Sunday Ideas?

Dear friends,
I will be teaching a class of third through fifth graders on Palm Sunday
and would really appreciate some creative ideas about how to make this
scripture memorable for the kids, and glorifying to God as they learn it. 
Any thoughts or experiences would be great! 

--from SSTN: make sure you check the crafts and sermons pages too:

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7) Small Groups

To Cathy Bodell  a fellow Michiganian

SSTN has a ton of programs available for small groups.  I know I have sent
in a few which can be found under Object Lessons with special activities. 
(God's Garden for one) They were designed specifically for very small
attendance.  I have several others available...you can e mail me if you
wish.  I do not charge for them...you can find my email address at the end
of the lesson...DAR formally of Ann Arbor, MI.  Now in AL

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8) Baptism curriculum

In response to June's question regarding Baptism curriculum (SSTN #16,
3/8/07), here are some suggestions:
a.  I'm A Christian Now (by Todd Capps & Sherry Shaw, Lifeway )
or Now That I'm A Chrisitian (older version) by William E. Young, Lifeway
b. God... Should I Be Baptized? By Laurie Donahue, Life Song Publishers
c. Touch The Water, Taste The Bread: Exploring The Sacraments With
Children, Cokesbury


--from SSTN: June, you can check our bookstore for these books by typing
their titles into the search box at:

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