July 3, 2013 -- Issue #17 - Volume 14


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1) Freedom in Christ and from Panic Attacks too!
2) Marriage Monologues
3) Digital Curriculum vs. Paperback. . .Need Your Input

4) A-Mazing Bible Game
5) Patriotic t-Shirt Craft

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1) Freedom in Christ and from Panic Attacks too!

Recently a friend of mine sent me an email with a link to watch a video. The day she sent it, I was struggling with high anxiety. You see, about ten years ago I had my first panic attack. If you’ve never experienced one, imagine normal, healthy anxiety, and then put it into turbo overdrive, which doesn’t shut off for several minutes. And it often happens without warning or for any apparent reason! Think space shuttle launch, versus a July 4th firecracker. (But I digress.) 

Read the rest of today's devotional at: http://www.sundayschoolnetwork.com/devo-freedom-in-Christ.html 


2) Marriage Monologues

Find this and other monologues listed in our Skits section at


3) Digital Curriculum vs. Paperback?

We NEED your input. Which do you prefer, digital or hard copy books? 
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4) A-Mazing Bible Game

Application: Bible memorization – active

Set Up: Use colored playground cones to set up a maze for players to travel through. 

Write words or phrases from your Bible memory verse on index cards and place them under the colored cones. Place some cones in the field without words underneath too. Players or teams will need a copy of the Bible Memory verse. At the start of the maze place buckets with colored markers that match the colored cones.

How to Play: Players move through the maze, lifting the cones as they travel and hunting for the words or phrases on their Bible Memory sheet. When a word or phrase is found under a cone, they must . . . 

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5) Patriotic t-Shirt Craft

Check out our most recent patriotic craft for July 4th. It's easy to make for all ages, and you'll be proud to wear it too! 

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