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SSTN # 17 - February 23, 2006

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1) Tale of Jonah song
2) Non-Christian Music
3) Venting and Listening?
4) Outreach ideas
5) Fish Tales

The Prayer of Jesus 

6) Craft for Jesus' power and help?
7) Kids Under Construction song
8) Survivor theme
9) Words to Band Aid song?
10) Answer to request

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1) Tale of Jonah song

The chorus is in a UK hymnbook, Junior Praise (number 30)
Hope you enjoy singing it too!


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2) Non-Christian Music

I respect your choice to only listen to gospel music!  But, I hope you
will be excited to know that many country music artists are not ashamed of
our Savior!  Many recent hits are about the Lord!  I am encouraged by
this!  Although my convictions are different from yours, I do understand
why you would turn away from non-christian music.  I turn the station when
certain songs come on because I am offended.  But songs like Randy
Travis's Fish Song, or Jesus Take the Wheel by Carrie Underwood,  The Long
Black Train by Josh Turner, Blessed by Martina McBride, and I Believe by
Brooks and Dunn are big hits for these artists!  Who would have thought
that a song about God would be a huge hit in main stream music??  It is
amazing!!  I pray that the Lord continues to bless these artists who are
not ashamed to praise His name in song!!!   Sandy

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3) Venting and Listening?

Hi.  I am a SS Teacher for 3 year olds and the 4 year old class has just
joined us.  I had the 4 yr olds last year for the first time, so I don't
mind, the more the merrier.  Right now though I'm feeling like quitting. 
I am so thankful that the Holy Spirit is working through me for these
children, and other children, as well as adults.  You don't know how much
I look forward to Sunday School.  It's my beginning for the week and
ending.  Each day when I wake I pray for wisdom and knowledge and more
love and patience. 
I have a situation where an individual and I in our congregation do not
get along.  It's absolutely horrible.  I'm the type of person who holds
everything inside until I can't anymore, then I blow up.  I say mean and
hurtful things.  The guilt overwhelms me because I know what I did was
wrong.  I ask for forgiveness and then I personally go to that person and
sincerely apologize.  I know how bad I was when I said those things.  Well
this has happened three times in the past year. 
I am so sick of the situation, and the bad thing about it, the Pastor, his
wife, and others who hang around them (it's a small special group) shun
me.  I expect that, because I did do something wrong, but it gets so blown
out of proportion, as though I physically attacked this person. 
Well the Pastor totally supports this person and I have asked to have a
meeting with him and no word from him yet.  I love serving our Lord and
Savior, I am so grateful for him dying for my sins, all our sins.  What a
sacrifice he made for me and all of us.  But I'm just really hurt and
confused on what to do.
I don't want to go to church, but I do show up for Sunday School and my
other problem with Sunday School is that none of us communicate between
each other. So here again I am if we were chose to serve the Lord in this
capacity my feelings are to prepare and be able to teach (and learn) as
much as we can and support one another.  That's not how it is, it is a
struggle.  I get tired of no support, joy.  I mean this is one of the best
highlights of my week.  I know we are all different, but to serve the
Lord, what an honor.
Thank You for listening.  Please keep me in your prayers.

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4) Outreach ideas

There is a program called "Street R.A.G.E." which is an outreach type
program. It was started by Dave and Kim Ramsey of Blythville, Arkansas. 
You might do a web serach for that

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The Prayer of Jesus, the prayer Jesus taught us to pray...

Through the use of hands-on Bible lessons, crafts and games, children will
learn to pray the prayer that Jesus taught his followers to pray. Learn
more at:


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5) Fish Tales

Hi   I am replying to the Fisth Tales.   I actually was in the play Fish
Tales on eyear, at a music camp.  It is a really good play to do.  If you
want to email me to get more information you can.  My email is
kalip984@aol.com, and this way I can try to rech the guy who directed the
play and see where he got it.  God Bless.
Kali in New Jersey

--from SSTN: you can find "Fish Tales" by Kathie Hill through our
bookstore. Just type the title into the search box at:


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6) Craft for Jesus' power and help?

My name is Michele,
At my church we are teaching the Faith Weaver Friends curriculum on
wednesday nights. It is simmilar to VBS with rotation to stations.  I
teach the craft project for the lesson for the week. The curriculum gives
us only noe choice for a project to do with the children and some are not
verry cost friendly.  I am looking for inexpensive projects that go with
the following two bible storys:  1) Jesus demonstrates his authority/
bible point is Jesus is most powerful,  2) Jesus heals,prays,and preaches/
bible point is Jesus came to help us.  Please help if you can
Michele from MN

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7) Kids Under Construction song

>I am planning on doing our VBS this year with the theme
>"Kids Under Construction." Any ideas
There is also a song that says: Kids, under construction, maybe the paint
is still wet, Kids under construction God might not be finished yet.
I am not sure where to get the music for this song, I knew it growing up
and it was a favorite of mine, and has become a favorite of the kids I
teach. Melanie, VA

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8) Survivor theme

Answer to 'Kathy'
Hi!  from 'one Kathy to another, 'I want to tell you about something we
have done the second time around.  The first time was in 2002 and we are
in the middle of it now.
We have four teams with four different colors. We use tons and tons of
scripture memory games.
Each week we learn a verse that starts with a different letter:
S.A.L.V.A.T.I.O.N.  so we have been calling it our Survivor Salvation
The kids have four different colored shirts (with our own Survivor logo
made up on them~instead of 'out' play, 'out.........'  we changed our logo
to look like theirs, but use 'in..vite'  'in...struct.'   Like that.  Then
we also had the buffs made.  The kids are having a ball with all the
matching coordinated games.
We even have four different colored tables.
Each week they come in, they sit at their designated colored table.  All
the games are made up ahead of time to be ready to go when class starts. 
I would love to share some pictures with you, so you could see how it is
all set up.  If you e mail me, personally, I will be glad to share with
you.  It is a very exciting time for our class.  There is lots and lots of
fun competition while the learning process is taking place.  I could even
share the verses and game ideas if you are interested.  Twice a year, I
put on a local workshop for our Bible College that uses many of these
games that have been created.  It would be fun to share with you.  
Kathy Cook 

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9) Words to Band Aid song?

I would like to have the words to the bandaids in heaven song please

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10) Answer to request

Dear Sarah,
About a month ago I wrote you to ask if there was anyone who would donate
choir robes to my church, because we are a small church and don't have the
funds to purchase them.  I just wanted to thank you for posting this
request in your newsletter.  Several churches responded and one of the
churches was able to send us 20 choir robes.  I would like to thank
everyone who responded to my letter and give you a personal thank you for
setting up such a wonderful resouce.  Have a blessed day.
Sister Mariann

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