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May 17, 2016 -- Issue #16




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1) Finding Strength Through Suffering

2) Father's Day Skit

3) Father's Day Craft

4) Bible Game: Hear No Evil

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1) Finding Strength Through Suffering

I love making jewelry from raw sheet metal and wire. It’s very gratifying to pound away at the metal, conforming it to the shape I have in mind, adding texture with various hammers and degrees of pressure, giving each piece its unique character. I then absolutely adore using a torch to flame-color the metal. The transformation that occurs never fails to amaze me; it is mesmerizing!

You might think that metal would weaken when you hammer or bend it, but actually, the opposite is true. As you “work-harden” it, the metal gets stronger at a molecular level. 

The most remarkable transformation occurs when intense heat is applied and then the metal is cooled, a process called “annealing.” This further strengthens the metal and brings out the most amazing colors. I never know exactly what the refining flame will produce, but it is always beautiful!  

Sometimes I must hammer the metal longer to achieve the image I have in mind. Occasionally, due to its thickness or the impurities that need to be burned off, it takes longer for the flame to bring out the colors. However, once the piece is transformed into the image I desire, I stop pounding and turn off the flame.

While working on my latest two pieces I realized a spiritual principle. Do you see it? 

Read on about finding 
strength through suffering.



Bible lessons for children's ministry



2) Father's Day Skit

Good Morning to you

I am Sunday School superintendent in Chatsworth, Durban, South Africa and I am looking for a short 5-10 minute skit for Father’s Day which my Sunday school kids can do in church.
Please email me a good skit.

God Bless.
Ticka Munsami

--from SSTN: The story of the Prodigal Son would make for a great Father's Day Skit. Check out our sample skit at:



3) Father's Day Craft: Stronger Than Nails

What you need: Old CD, nails, glue stick, tacky glue or hot glue*, photo of a child, or children, with their father, string, CD Sentiment Pattern (below).

What you do: Print out the CD sentiment pattern onto colorful paper and cut out. Have the child, or children, sign their name(s) at the center of the phrase. Cut out the . . . Get the directions to make this Father's Day Craft.



Ten Commandments Lessons for Children



4) Bible Game: Hear No Evil

It is very important to be aware that God is constantly speaking to us and wants to guide us. It is also very important to know that Satan is vying for our attention. This game reinforces the need for Christians to strive to hear God’s voice. However, we can only recognize Gods voice by knowing his WORD! 

"My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me." John 10:27 

Get today's Bible Game.



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