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1) Wordless Book - Part 2
2) Knowing God?

3) Mother's Day...another perspective
4) Wonder of the Bible

5) Jesus' Disciples? 

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6) Mother's Day...another perspective
7) Beatitudes--teen ideas?

8) Eleven Minute Easter Musical--video
9) Trinity Muffins

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1) Wordless Book - Part 2

I told you the next Bible story for the Wordless Book was the birth of Christ. The kids know it very well, too. While I was trying to go to sleep, I had an idea. When I got up, I got on Google and found all the pictures I needed to make a time line for the kids beginning with Adam and Eve. Since the Lord first showed He would send the Savior to them, I also chose the people thereafter who also were told. I used Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Daniel and several of the prophets: Isaiah, Micah, Zechariah and John the Baptist.

I will put them on the wall and have the kids get in a "time machine' in their imaginations. We will discuss how God got the people ready for Christ. At the end, instead of using the whole manger scene, I found a sweet Baby Jesus in swaddling clothes all by himself to use.

After we have the lesson, we will go back and finish the time line beginning with his death, resurrection, ascension, the rapture, Millennium and Christ's rule, heaven etc. I even found a picture of Satan being thrown into the lake of fire.

I am so glad I was born at this time when I can find such great helps for teaching, not only on Google but your special SSTN which has been such a great help to me.

Helen Setser

--from SSTN: A time machine?! just fabulous! I'm glad you were born in this age too! 
Much love,
Sarah Keith <><

2) Knowing God?

i want to know about God 

--from SSTN: the primary way we can know about God is through his Word, the Bible. I suggest beginning by reading and studying the book of John. Additionally, the following link will help get you started in your relationship with Him:


3) Mother's Day...another perspective

> I've read articles written by women who talk about "Mother's Day" being the hardest day of the year for them. . .

Thank you for posting this. As a mom who lost our first child after birth, Mother's day that year was very hard. I have heard from women who have lost their mothers and they say the same thing.

Another thought - I had a really tough time with baby dedications and in fact would not attend (or would leave if there was one). We do have to be sensitive to others.



4) Wonder of the Bible

The Bible was written over a 1500 year period, by a wide variety of authors--as many as 40--from many different locations. Its authors are from all walks of life. Some were kings, some peasants; still others were philosophers, fishermen, doctors, judges, scholars, poets and farmers. continue reading, follow the Bible Stack-O link at:


5) Jesus' Disciples? 

Ideas from emails coming from you were very helpful in our Sunday school! Thank you so much!! Anyway, we have a little bit difficulty of presenting our lessons to the kids since we didn't used any kids book as a reference. It limits our creativity. Especially, now we are teaching them the life of Jesus disciples. I would like to ask help, if you have known any books about Jesus disciples please send me the links or websites...It would be a great help in our ministry!!!
Grace to you!! 

 --from SSTN: Our affiliate bookstore carries two books, one for young children, one for adults, that you may find helpful. To locate them, type "Twelve Ordinary Men" into the search box at: 

Additionally, Lesson Three from our curriculum series "Tell Me the Story of Jesus," is about the calling of the twelve disciples:  

6) Mother's Day...another perspective

Hi there,

I was quite disappointed (to say the LEAST) to read the item titled ďMotherís Day Ė another perspectiveĒ that was in your most recent newsletter. 

As a Christian, we should always be aware of people who are hurting and sensitive to their needs and feelings. Every Sunday the Pastor should be acknowledging this and leading his flock every day of the year.

However, on a day that is specifically set aside to honor mothers, I donít think that people are insensitive and certainly not oblivious to those who ARENíT mothers by not acknowledging them. The Bible tells us to honor our mothers and fathers, so how are we being insensitive by singling out the ladies who gave us life? Just because there are those who arenít mothers Ė doesnít mean the rest of us are oblivious to them.

Let me see if I can explain myself.

On Valentineís Day Ė do we make a point of focusing on the single person, the divorced person, the widowed person, etc. or do we focus on the love we have and share it with friends and family? Of course there are those who wonít join in and many who are hurting. But Valentineís Day goes on and will continue to be celebrated, despite the fact there are those who wonít or canít love or be loved, thatís their choice. 

On Fatherís Day Ė do we make a point of focusing on the men who canít have children, who donít want children, who have lost children, those who have lost fathers (including myself) and men who donít even like children? Fatherís day is set aside to honor Fathers, and thatís all itís about. Nobody will be oblivious to any hurting man by not acknowledging all of the ďnon-fathersĒ in the congregation. Thatís what all of the other 364 days in a year are for, the lonely and hurting ones who look to Jesus.

On Christmas Day Ė we are so politically correct we barely even hear Merry Christmas anymore, but does that mean we donít celebrate the fact that it is Christmas? Of course not, but if Christmas isnít what you celebrate then so be it. Christmas is one day of the year and it will continue to be celebrated all over the world. Is it wrong to be oblivious to all of the ďnon-christians who donít celebrate ChristmasĒ????? No.

I certainly donít want to come across as being insensitive, but surely the people who find Motherís Day difficult to deal with are not so self-absorbed and self-centered that they want to take the joy away from those who have a reason to celebrate. You canít expect to go to church on that one day of the year and not have the mothers acknowledged even though you may be hurting on the inside.

Motherís Day is what it is Ė a day to cherish, honor and celebrate mothers everywhere. When Fatherís Day comes it will be exactly the same thing Ė a day to cherish, honor and celebrate fathers everywhere. 

There is always somebody somewhere who will take the joy and "specialness" out of these special days set aside Ė I hope the love of Jesus will surround those hurting and lonely souls and take their hands and lead them to peace.

Thanks so much for taking the time to listen to my point of view on that particular item in your last newsletter.

God Bless.


7) Beatitudes--teen ideas?

I need some ideas for the Beatitudes - we have a teacher book for the Beatitudes and a book for teens which needs more ideas for extra things to do. I would like to hear some other ideas.

--from SSTN: you might be able to adapt some of the ideas from our children's series, the Be-Attitudes: 


8) Eleven Minute Easter Musical--video

The drama had quite a few bloopers and isn't ready for Hollywood, but overall most everyone seemed to like it and they received a lot of good feedback. The kids are ages 4 or 5 to 9 and considering they didn't get very much practice I was pretty pleased with them. Hope you like it! Have a great week and God bless you!

Your friend, 

--from SSTN: to read Mike's skit and view his video, follow this link to the Eleven Minute Easter Musical at:

9) Trinity Muffins

Get this yummy food devotion for younger and older kids. Find the link for Trinity Muffins under Pentecost from the following
Christian / holiday crafts page at: 

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