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SSTN # 16 - March 8, 2007

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1) The #1 Christian Teachers Network
2) Small Group Games?
3) Prepare the Way of the Lord
4) Youth Clubs

Bible Stack-O! ... Easter Basket Stuffer!

5) Teaching Children in a House Church?
6) Baptism classes?
7) Water VBS games
8) Cabin Fever VBS?

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1) The #1 Christian Teachers Network
Help us to continue making SSTN the #1 place for Christian educators to
connect online! Invite your pastors, friends and co-workers to join us!

Please send them to the following link to receive a complimentary
subscription: http://www.ChristianTeachersNetwork.com/page3.html 
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Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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2) Small Group Games?

I think this website is great, except I am working with children age 4
through the 3rd grade and it is a very small group.  Some Sundays I only
have 5 kids.  I need some ideas for games that they all could play.  If
you have any ideas I would greatly appreciate them.

Lesa Latona

--from SSTN: many of the games in our Bible games section can be used or
altered for small groups. Check them out at:

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3) Prepare the Way of the Lord

for "Way of the Lord" request....please have them e-mail me at above
address...just finished a series I created with the help of many web
sites...would be pleased to help her in any way I can!!!!  kat smith  

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4) Youth Clubs

The Baptist church has a program designed for children that works like a
club. So does the Nazarene Church, which I am familiar with.  It's really
good.   I, on the otherhand, was going to a very small church and decided
to create my own program. I had a button machine and designed the buttons
to be the badges.  I used a combination of girl scout, cub scout and
Nazarene program to create badges that would suit our needs.  I made sure
I added a spiritual aspect for each badge. A memory verse with
explaination of why it is part of the badge, song, etc.  I designed them
in such a way that all ages could earn them.  The younger children had
certain activities they needed to preform. As the childrens ages increased
in years so did the activities.  Many of the badges, such as First Aid,
Stranger Danger, cooking, and others we did as a group on Wednesday
evenings. They took home an assignment they could do on their own, such
as  to check out their family first aid kit and write down all the things
they have it in.  Make a list of what is still needed, etc.  Parents were
always incouraged to participate...DAR, AL

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Bible Stack-O! ... Makes a great Easter Basket Stuffer!

Great fun for home or church. For kids and adults!

Learn more at:  http://www.sundayschoolnetwork.com/curriculum_gospelfun.html  
(you may have to copy and paste the link to your browser)

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5) Teaching Children in a House Church?

We've recently begun a new church and we're having worship services in the
basement of a home until we purchase a building.  I would welcome any
lesson ideas for teaching about 15 children who range in age from 6-12
years old at the kitchen table or in the living room.  I have access to
only a few supplies since we're just getting started.  Thanks.

Cathy Bodell
Frankfort, Michigan

--from SSTN: Dear Cathy, what an exciting new venture for you. (For those
who don't know Cathy, she's been an SSTN member for quite sometime.) As to
lessons, any of the Bible-4-Life series would be appropriate for this age
group. The lessons themselves require barely any supplies, unless of
course you do the crafts. Even then, many of them are simple-to-do:

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6) Baptism classes?

Can anybody give me any ideas as to what curriculum you use for your
baptism classes for elementary age children?  There doesn't seem to be
much out there to choose from.

June Eschenmann
Simpson Creek Baptist Church

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7) Water VBS games

We did Scuba last summer and had a blast!  I warned them ahead that they
would get wet and I told parents to put plastic on their car seats. 
Here are some of the games we played:  We had a squirt gun fight (I bought
several different kinds of squirt guns at a dollar store).  We filled up 2
buckets with water and placed one at each "goal".  Two teams had to find
their way from one goal to the other and then back again as they squirted
people and got squirted (rule:  no squirting in the face).  They could
return to their home goal to refuel.  The catch was that they had to go
through a place where the sprinkler was going and one where a teacher had
a hose to spray them.  They loved it! 
Another night, we had them partner up and one person laid on the ground
with an empty plastic soda bottle on their stomach.  Their partner (on the
count of 3) had to take his 5 oz. plastic dixie cup and fill it from a
bucket and get as much water in the bottle as possible.  They had to keep
going until the bottle was full.  Everyone got soaked on this one -
including me when I volunteered. (they dumped the whole bucket on me!) 
One night, they had to use the squirt guns to squirt a ping pong ball up a
ramp that my husband made (you can just use wood or pool noodles for a
barrier.)  While they were doing this, kids were placed alongside the
barriers squirting them. 
Another game was getting one of those spongy balls, soaking it and passing
it around a group.  We added another ball as things got going and ended up
adding 5 more.  Wet spongy balls were flying everywhere - all the while we
were saying our memory verse.  At the end we had a grand finale with all
sorts of other water games, including fishing in a child size pool for
magnetic fish with points on them.  Most points win.  Hope these give you
some ideas.

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8) Cabin Fever VBS?

We are doing Cabin Fever, A Deep Woods Encounter for VBS this year.  Has
anyone done this before?  If so, any suggestions/ideas for songs, stories,
etc. would be appreciated.  E-mail to rsorem@geetel.net

Thanks!  Stephanie

--from SSTN: please share via SSTN.

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