June 27, 2013 -- Issue #16 - Volume 14


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1) Armor of God Workbook
2) Monologues 
3) Skit- Faith to Move Mountains



1) Armor of God Workbook

After reading the article about workbooks, I thought I would tell you my experience. When I taught Sunday school, I used some workbooks but not often. 

Now in children's church, I am teaching the armor of God. 

A few months ago Wal-Mart had nice blank books with around 20 pages for a dollar and each packet had six so I bought several packets. I never know when I buy something what I will use it for, I just get it and find a use later. I also had bought little men cut-outs and another time at the Dollar Tree I bought all the pieces of the armor which fits the kids. So I was all set.

Before giving the books to the kids I put a cute picture on the front of the Christian soldier and on the second page, I made a pocket. I gave each one a little man and each child put it in the pocket. Every week they add a piece of armor to the little man.

I only have them learn one verse (which they learned the first week) and then as we add pieces of the armor, I have them use a new page and write the name of the piece. Each week, we do read (I let them read) the 6th chapter of Ephesians so they will be familiar with who our real enemy is.

We usually play a game to help get the idea across for the piece we are studying and we have take home papers for parents to help them by playing other games and last week I asked the parents to watch for signs of their child wearing the breastplate of righteousness and send it back to me. If they bring it back with at least two incidences, they will get to choose a piece of the armor to put on. (several little boys have already asked if they could just hold the sword.

As you can see, these workbooks are not the kind where they have to study questions and answers--just fun for little children. They love it and from what the parents tell me, they go home and tell them all about each piece we study.

Our next lesson about the gospel shoes will be accompanied by a game I got from the internet. The first child acts like they are putting on their "gospel shoes" then go to another child and explains the gospel to them (from our visualized lesson) and if that child says she believes it, then she pretends to put on her shoes, etc. until every child has been chosen.

I might add most of these children have believed on the Lord Jesus, but we have new kids coming and it is a good way for them to practice telling others.

 I didn't mean to write a book. It takes me longer to think than it used to. LOL

Love in Christ,
Helen Setser

--from SSTN: Helen is a longtime subscriber and has been teaching for 57 years! She told me in a recent email, "This is the 57th year (of teaching). It should have been less but at the time I became a Christian, our pastor did not wait to see if I was a teacher or not--he just told me to teach, and I did. It has been a blessed journey!"

Thank you, Helen, for your commitment to Christ, and for the pastor who challenged you, and for being a regular contributor to SSTN!

And for anyone else who is interested in an Armor of God game, visit the following link:

Sarah Keith <><


2) Monologues

I loved the monologues sent in by Damarquis. I'm thinking now that we might start kids doing monologues in front of the congregation...some kind of poetry night...thank you!

I'd be interested in seeing more of the monologues...we would of course give credit to Damarquis.

God's joy,

--from SSTN: keep reading SSTN...more are on the way! Please see our copyright guidelines too: http://www.sundayschoolnetwork.com/copyright.html 


3) Skit-Faith to Move Mountains

This short skit is about a student who wants to have more faith. Find "Faith to Move Mountains" alphabetically listed on our Bible Skits page in our Partner  section at: http://www.sundayschoolnetwork.com/skits-Bible.html 

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