August 26, 2014 -- Issue #16 - Volume 15


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1) Jesus Blesses Children Activity?

2) PreScriptures - An Rx For Life

3) Ice-Breaker: Wet Noodle Dance 

4) Devotional: Made With Clay . . .

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1) Jesus Blesses Children?

Does anyone have an activity or game for the Bible story of Jesus blessing the children (Mark 10:13-16)?

God bless


2) PreScriptures - An Rx For Life

Bible verses are to be "taken" daily to improve our Spiritual health and general well-being. 

You will need: a Bible; a clean, empty medicine bottle; a stick-on label; paper; scissors or paper cutter. 

On the label type the following:

Made with love by: (giver's name).
Rx for: (recipient's name).
For: Health, Hope, Happiness.
Dosage: Read one daily or as needed for inspiration.
Contents: 31 Bible Verses -- Medicine for the Spirit.
Important: Prolonged Use may eliminate tension, anxiety, insomnia, fear and despair.
Warning: May cause Lightheartedness.

Get the Bible verses now.

                              Beatitudes lessons for children


3) Ice-Breaker: Wet Noodle Dance 

This is somewhat like musical chairs, but no one is out. On Wednesday night when we want to encourage new friendships, 
this is what we do:

1. Have someone play a CD. (The more exciting the music the better.)
2. Tell the children when they hear the music they are to go around all the chairs, or could be tables or just the room, in the same direction and wiggle and jiggle like a wet noodle. 
3. Now tell them to look to their left and right at who is sitting next to them. Most likely it will be a friend they usually sit with. 
4. Tell them that when the music stops they are to sit next to two new people. 
5. Once they are reseated they . . .
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4) Devotional: Made With Clay . . .

The thought of "why am I here?" is very prevalent. So prevalent as to be the foundation to many books and philosophies. The desire to be relevant or impacting, the desire to be the hero appears to be a core desire of most people. And to find this purpose mankind has gone to great lengths to stand out. But what if that is all wrong? What if it is not the what we do but the why we do it? 

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