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Issue #16 - April 22, 2008
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"For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them." -- Jesus

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Who you are makes a difference!
2) Parent Day
3) Mother's and Father's Day?
4) Short Praises

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5) Mother's Day Songs?
Pastor's Appreciation Day?
7) Release Time Program
8) Martyrs Mission Prayer

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1) Who you are makes a difference!

I hope you have a few minutes to watch this video:
It is a great reminder of something so simple, yet so powerful!


--from SSTN: what if we'd do this with the children in our ministries. Imagine the impact!


Parent Day

It's always fun to get the parents involved with their children by playing a Bible game or acting out a skit. The kids love to see their parents do what they've done! And especially to see their parents get a bit silly!

--from SSTN: check out the Bible games page too at:


3) Mother's and Father's Day?

I am looking for a poem, scripture, story, etc. that I could use to present the mothers and fathers in church with something concrete. For example, last year I presented the fathers with a flashlight and read some poems and scriptures that I found about how God is our light and how a father figure is the light to his family, etc. Anyway...looking for some new ideas for this year. Thanks!

--from SSTN: love the flashlight idea! Tell us more!




4) Short Praises

When we worship Jesus we are connected to the tree of life.

Because we have received him, we receive the light.

Do you know what Jesus looks like? He looks like the fruit of the Spirit.


5) Mother's Day Songs?

Please advise if you guys know of any songs that the youth group can sing on Mothers Day ie. Praise or Worship

Jasmin Singh

--from SSTN: there is a beautiful and prayerful song entitled, "Deuteronomy 5:16" by Steve Green. It begins with the following words, "Honor your father and your mother..." It's from his CD, "Hide em' in Your Heart". Click here to locate it.


6) Pastor's Appreciation Day?


We will be having our Pastor's Appreciation Day early this Year. I'm looking for ideas on how to make
this extra special for him and his family. Please help.


--from SSTN: make sure you check the archives too. Click the "Search" link at the top of this newsletter.


7) Release Time Program

Dear Sarah, 
I have been meaning for some time to write to you to let you know how very much I appreciate your Bible-4-Life series. About 2 years ago I became the director and teacher for our Release Time Program at our local elementary school. When I was hired, I immediately scoured the internet for ideas and God lead me to your site where I happily found your program. I purchased all of the books that you offered and have built my lessons on these from the very start. They have been absolutely wonderful! The kids respond so well to the games and craft ideas. They particularly love it when we make something out of food and then they get to eat it. I teach 1st through 6th grades and at first I was afraid that if I used the same lessons for all grades the 1st graders may not "get it" and the 6th graders might be bored, but that hasn't been the case at all. It has been so easy for me to explain the lessons that you provide in greater, lesser or somewhat different detail for each group that we have and the lessons work great for all. 

In case you aren't familiar with Release Time Programs, Chuck Colson does an excellent job of describing what they are all about on his website: We work with kids from a rural elementary school in Pennsylvania with about 80 children out of 700 from the school signing up each year. Our program runs from the end of September until the middle of May. Our children, for the most part, are very much as Mr. Colson describes coming from very dysfunctional families. I knew I had to find lessons that would keep the kids coming. They miss recess one day a week to come and once they sign up their parents don't help to encourage their participation. Without really great lessons, and very loving volunteers, the kids would opt out for recess. 

Since our program is funded entirely by contributions from local individuals and churches we have a very tight budget. We pay for a bus to drive our kids to a nearby church making 4 trips over two days a week. I get a salary as the director and teacher and we pay for insurance, so beyond those expenses, we don't really have extra money to work with to provide for supplies. I have been able to buy everything we use myself. All of the food and craft items. Were it not for the fact that the ideas that you provide utilize very economical supplies I could never do this with 80 kids. I don't have to pass out coloring or worksheets week after week! You give so many fun ideas using just a piece of paper or even cartons, cans etc that we can collect for nothing from our congregation that turn out so cool. We do skits and puppet shows that you provide and play games that are truly unique and memorable. 

I can actually do a whole school year using only 2-3 of your books so I have enough for a few more years yet, but I really wanted to encourage you to keep up the good work so that I will always have back-ups coming down the road! Also, I want to thank the many ladies that contribute to your newsletter for their ideas too. I have incorporated many of these along with the ideas from your website during the holidays when I veer away from our books for a week or two to cover Christmas and Easter Biblically. I am truly indebted to you. You have made such a difference in sharing Christ with these children! 

Kim Eriksen

--from SSTN: Dear Kim, thank you (again) for your kind and encouraging comments. You are doing such an amazing work reaching kids in public schools! I am blessed to have a part in your efforts! 

Yours in ministry together,
Sarah Keith <>< 


8) Martyrs Mission Prayer

Re. Malatya Martyrdom Anniversary

Exactly one year ago, three Christian leaders—two Turkish, one German—were martyred in Malatya, Turkey. Necati Aydin, Ugur Yuksel, and Tilman Geske were tortured and had their throats cut.

Since then Turkish believers continue to face escalating persecution. A pastor’s windshield was smashed in. A church building’s entrance was hit with Molotov cocktails and set on fire. Anonymous callers have repeatedly threatened a Christian radio station. The television show Valley of the Wolves portrays Christians as terrorists and lawbreakers and encourages violence against them. Newspapers show pictures of pastors—making them clear targets. The leader of a congregation in one city was called in to identify the boy who was plotting to kill him. A priest in another city was stabbed in the stomach by a man who said he wanted to convert. One of Smyrna’s partners received an e-mail telling him to leave the country or have his throat slit. 

A year later, the families of Malatya’s martyrs still feel the pain of lost husbands and fathers. Necati was married and had two children. Tilman was married and had three children. Ugur was to be married last September. Today especially they need the prayer of their Christian brothers and sisters around the world.

The trial of the five young men accused of murdering these believers drags on in spite of errors, challenges, and delays. Turkish Christians have serious questions about the impartiality of the judges. And threats against those who follow Jesus continue.

Our God is faithful and able. In the midst of trials and tribulations, our Turkish brethren value your prayers.

Smyrna Ministries International


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