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1) Resurrection of Jesus Painting
2) What did Jesus pray?

3) Salvation Videos
4) Mother's Day...another perspective

5) Setting the Hook

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6) Wordless Book
7) Mother's Day
8) Mother's Day
9) Why Did God Make Moms?

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1) Resurrection of Jesus Painting

This is phenomenal!
This is absolutely phenomenal!

2) What did Jesus pray?

What are some things Jesus Prayed about? 
What did Jesus ask his Father in heaven to do?
What are some things you can talk to God about?
What are some things you can thank and praise God for? 
What are some things you need God to help you with? 

--from SSTN: great questions! Jesus taught us how to pray in the Lord's Prayer--could also be called the children's prayer, in that he showed his children how to pray. He also let us know what he prayed about, as recorded in the New Testament. See, Mark 14:32ff and especially John 17. Additionally, the Prayer of Jesus is a helpful resource on prayer:


3) Salvation Videos

The first one is great for younger kids and the second one is great for teens!


Every Second:


 4) Mother's Day...another perspective

Often, those who are honored on Mother's Day in church (stand up, you 
have the hardest job in the world, we have flowers for you, a little 
gift, a book, whatever) . . . as well as their husbands and children 
(taught from a young age about the joys of motherhood, parents 
assuming that naturally, their daughters will marry and become 
mothers one day) are oblivious to the pain and heartache of those who 
are not moms, moms who have lost children, wives who are infertile, 
singles who never became moms but wished to . . . etc.

I've read articles written by women who talk about "Mother's Day" 
being the hardest day of the year for them. . . articles that talk 
about the obliviousness (is that a word?) of pastors who fail to take 
into account just who is in the congregation that day.

Most of us (myself included) are poor in gauging the effect our words 
have on people. We're quick to speak and slow to think ahead. We jump 
to say what's on our mind, rather than asking the Lord if it might 
not be better to pray and ponder a situation.

So, if you think it's appropriate, how about encouraging your readers 
to remember that on Mother's Day . . . not everyone in the 
congregation is a mother. Teaching kids THAT on Mother's Day is a 
sensitive thing to do. And that bearing "children in the faith" (or 
whatever expression one wishes to use) has eternal value as well. 
Many missionary women who spent their lives overseas sacrificed much 
but their "labor" impacted the globe.


5) Setting the Hook

Setting the hook is a fishing term that means getting the hook down deep in a fish’s mouth so you don’t lose it in the fight when reeling it in. To me, that’s what Bible memorization is about! If we can get God’s Word into the hearts of our kids, then we can know that we’ve done our part in setting Jesus’ hook down deep into their lives—obeying the imperative of Psalm 119:11, “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.” 

For some creative ways to set the hook in the lives of the children you teach, follow this link:

What creative ways do you set the hook?

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

6) Wordless Book

I have taught the Wordless Book several times to kids with no Bible background. When our children's church director asked me to teach it for our kids I discovered I was going to have to teach it differently. These kids have been in church since 
they were born and could tell these Bible stories in their sleep. I am getting ready to teach the second lesson )on Adam and Eve) so had to come up with something that would strengthen what they already knew. I challenged them in the first lesson (gold 
page) to do something with what they knew--go tell others. They had a picture of heaven and I gave them sequins to decorate the "foundation." They were to take it home and tell someone about heaven and how Jesus is the only Way there.

So for the lesson on Adam and Eve, we will start with a big tree with two colors of fruit on it. Each of 2 teams will choose one of the colors. They will stand on one side of the room, take turns running to the tree and picking a fruit, rush back so another can go. The 
first team who gets all the fruit and can put together the Bible verse (one word on each fruit) wins. Since this is another verse they all know (We have AWANAs and all our kids know these verses) it doesn't take them long to put it together.

Before telling the Bible story I will warn them they will be acting it out so each can remember what they will be saying. When I am through, the smaller kids will get animal masks, and two older ones will get angel masks and a sword with flame, 

Adam will lie down, and look with wonder all around him. Then he will name the animals. (One of the animals is a snake) Adam will then lie down again as he loses a rib and there is Eve.

He will tell Eve the rule about the tree they must not eat from. Then Eve will walk to the tree we used for the Bible verse. The child with the snake mask will peek from behind it and they will go on from there with the temptation. Finally after "hearing God's voice" they will leave the garden in sadness as the two angels guard the garden from them.

Again I will remind them they need to share what they heard about sin and how Jesus is the only Way to heaven.

Now I have to work on the next page and the birth of Christ. Christmas in May.

Love in Christ,
Helen Setser

--from SSTN: Dearest Helen, You are such a wonderful teacher and example to other teachers! I love your creative ideas!
For those who don't know, Helen just turned 85 last month! (She gave me permission to say so.) Her ministry to children reminds me that you're never too young or too old to serve our King! 

God bless you, Helen, as you've blessed us with your ideas over the years. Happy Birthday! Press on!

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><
P.S. stay tuned to part two of Helen's post on ideas for the Wordless Book.


Mother's Day

Our children of the church will be honoring their mothers, grandmothers, and all mothers with a pancake breakfast. We have several men of the church who will be cooking. The Children will be serving and waiting on the mothers. They also made small gifts to hand out on mother's day. 


8) Mother's Day

We are going to plant flowers in a flower box outside at Church. The kids will then decorate a small pot and fill it w/dirt and a seed as a gift to their mothers. We will talk about the ways mothers help their kids grow into productive adults (with the help of God of course).

Mary Jo Loggins

9) Why did God Make Moms?

Why Did God Make Moms?
(Answers given by 2nd grade school children. You could use the following questions or write your own for your church children to answer on Mother's Day.)

Why did God make mothers?
- She's the only one who knows where the scotch tape is.
- Mostly to clean the house.
- To help us out of there when we were getting born.

How did God make mothers?
- He used dirt, just like for the rest of us.
- Magic plus super powers and a lot of stirring.
- God made my mom just the same like he made me. He just used bigger parts.

What ingredients are mothers made of?
- God makes mothers out of clouds and angel hair and everything nice in the world and one dab of mean.
- They had to get their start from men's bones. Then they mostly use string, I think.

Why did God give you your mother and not some other mom?
- We're related.
- God knew she likes me a lot more than other people's mom like me.

What kind of a little girl was your mom?
-My mom has always been my mom and none of that other stuff.
- I don't know because I wasn't there, but my guess would be pretty bossy.
- They say she used to be nice.

What did mom need to know about dad before she married him?
- His last name.
- She had to know his background. Like is he a crook? Does he get drunk on beer?
- Does he make at least $800 a year? Did he say NO to drugs and YES to chores?

Why did your mom marry your dad?
- My dad makes the best spaghetti in the world. And my mom eats a lot.
- She got too old to do anything else with him.
- My grandma says that mom didn't have her thinking cap on.

Who's the boss at your house?
- Mom doesn't want to be boss, but she has to because dad's such a goof ball.
- Mom. You can tell by room inspection. She sees the stuff under the bed.
- I guess mom is, but only because she has a lot more to do than dad.

What's the difference between moms and dads?
- Moms work at work and work at home and dads just go to work at work.
- Moms know how to talk to teachers without scaring them.
- Dads are taller and stronger, but moms have all the real power 'cause
that's who you got to ask if you want to sleep over at your friends.
- Moms have magic, they make you feel better without medicine.

What does your mom do in her spare time?
- Mothers don't do spare time.
- To hear her tell it, she pays bills all day long.

If you could change one thing about your mom, what would it be?
-She has this weird thing about me keeping my room clean. I'd get rid of that
- I'd make my mom smarter. Then she would know it was my sister who did it not me.
- I would like for her to get rid of those invisible eyes on the back of her head.

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