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SSTN # 15 - March 6, 2007

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1) Special needs children?
2) Youth Clubs
3) Water-theme VBS
4) Disciplinary tips

--> Play Bible Stack-O!

5) Perception of God w/ abused girls?
6) Water Works Decorating Ideas?
7) Buying Used Materials via SSTN
8) Water Theme VBS

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1) Special needs children?

Any suggestions for working with kids with special needs and learning

Terry Taylor

--from SSTN: check the archives too:

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2) Youth Clubs

This is for Sherry who wants to start youth clubs. You might want to check
into Awana.It has club sections for all ages from preschool thru 12 th
grade. It is a wonderful program. We have it at our church and the kids
really like it. Check out the web site here...http://awana.org/
         Hope this helps.

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3) Water-theme VBS

For Jeanne with water vbs,
 we r also doing a water  vbs this year. if u would like to share ideas
please email me at Tenuhcmama@wmconnect.com

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4) Disciplinary tips

>Re. Volume 1 - Number 32 - March 13, 2000
>I am a Sunday school teacher for 1st and 2nd graders.
>help me with Disciplinary tips. (Special techniques?)
Hi Angie!  I had some attitude problems in my Children's Church, so I
taught on the subject!  I gave each child a heart that I previously cut
from construction paper.  In my lesson I asked each child to name
something that someone had done to them that hurt them.  For each thing
that they said, I had them to fold their heart.  If one particular thing
had hurt them really bad (which I had some crying when they told their
'story').....I told them that they might ought to fold their heart two
times.  Anyway, when all of that was finished.....I got each child to name
something nice that someone did to them (something that made them feel
good).  For each nice/good thing that each child named, they unfolded
their heart.  Afterwards, I pointed out that even though their heart was
now unfolded....they can still see the lines that had been in their
heart.  In other words, how you treat other people will stay with them the
rest of the their lives.
Hope this helps!
Shannon, VA

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--> Play Bible Stack-O!

Great fun at home or church. For kids and adults!
Put them in your Easter baskets too!

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5) Perception of God w/ abused girls?

Dear friend,
I am inviting valuable sugesstions from experienced
sunday school teachers.The set of students under my
care have special needs.They have faced physical
abuse, desertion from the father, extreme
poverty, loneliness, want, deprivation, and terrible
struggle.They are in the teenage group. I am interested
to prepare few (about 10) bible lessons to be used in
our sunday school which they attend regularly. I need
your help regarding the topic- 'perception of God' for
these girls. please respond.
God Bless.
Reena Reed

--from SSTN: Reena, this is an awesome opportunity. I will pray for you
and the girls. I suggest for your own reading, "Where Is God When It
Hurts" (Philip Yancy). This is a great book with a helpful perspective!

Helping your girls to understand why there is pain and suffering in the
first place is crucial, ie. a result of the fall, sin in the world and in
others. Without this perspective, then their suffering doesn't make sense,
but when they realize that the entire creation groans in pain until the
coming of Jesus and they come to realize that Jesus went through hell
itself to deliver them from this bondage, only then will any of their pain
begin to make sense (Romans 8ff).  The book of 1 John is a great love
story to study! "How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that
we should be called children of God!" (1 John 3:1). Also, the parable of
the lost sheep (Luke 15:4ff).

Jesus was a man of sorrow and acquainted with grief (Is. 53). He
understands our weaknesses, our lonliness and our suffering in ways that
no one else can possibly comprehend, and then loves us through it. You
might also do a word study on "suffer, suffered or suffering". The Bible
has lots to say on this. An exhaustive concordance can help you find these

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><
P.S. You can find Philip Yancy's book in the bookstore, just type the
title into the search box to locate it:

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6) Water Works Decorating Ideas?

I was wondering if anybody else is doing David C. Cook's VBS-Water Works
Park this year?  If so, does anybody have any good decorating ideas for
the sanctuary?  Sarah-Keep up the good work!  I thank God for your willingness
to provide us with this service.  Thanks, Sherri K.

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7) Buying Used Materials via SSTN

a couple of months ago
i thought i had seen that we were not allowed to buy christian
education items from other members ...is this correct or did i
misunderstand the email...thanks

--from SSTN:
Our policy is to NOT allow used or new materials to be purchased /
exchanged via SSTN, because in the past a few members were "ripped off"
when they paid for shipping and then never received their materials from
other "so-called members". I received several of those complaints and then
discontinued the service.
Unfortunately, from time to time, despite our guidelines which are emailed
to all new members, a few people still attempt to do this and sometimes
their posting accidentally gets through. To reread our posting guidelines,
please go to: http://www.sundayschoolnetwork.com/SSTN_guidelines.html 

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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8) Water Theme VBS

For our VBS we did Bible stories that delt with water, you know Jonah,
Noah, Moses,...When we discussed Jesus and His babtism we got a dunking
booth and baptized the preacher over and over again. We also made sure we
all got wet. I will be glad to send pictures if you would like to get
ideas from them. Anita (nlccprayergroup@yahoo.com)

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