June 14, 2013 -- Issue #15 - Volume 14


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1) Using Workbook Lessons?
2) Father's Day
3) Winner
4) Marriage Monologue 
5) Father's Day Ideas
6) Father's Day Children's Message



1) Using Workbook Lessons?

Good morning!!! I still enjoy getting all these sends etc. and now I am on a special quest and don't know if you can help? I teach Sunday school and my kids range from 11 to 16...we are small congregation number wise yet. lol 

Anyways, I have noticed the kids really enjoy having some type of ''workbook." Let me throw this in; my 11 yr old is in advanced classes so she as well as all the others can do 'older type' lessons. They like writing, or having something to do other than just reading and listening. Do you have anything along these lines? I've enjoyed the materials I have gotten in the past as did the kids but now they are growing up and I need something more challenging, more effort put into each lesson. I do worksheets or games; but they get old doing word searches or fill in the blanks etc.

Thank you for your time and I hope you are doing great still!!!!
God bless

--from SSTN: Hi Kay, I'm doing well! Thank you.  I take a multi-sensory approach in developing my Bible curriculum. What I have discovered in over 20 years of teaching, is that children are more interested when they are actively participating (skits/acting, games, crafts, and singing), and they retain more of what they've learned. Workbooks, reading and just listening are not integral to our Bible curriculum. But if you're looking for a creative way for kids to write, you could have them write their own Bible skits, and then involve them in staging and video production.

For your middle and high-school kids, we have a selection of recommended resources in our Affiliate Bookstore. The link is listed at the bottom, right, of our home page @ SundaySchoolNetwork.com.

May God bless you as you seek the best resources for the kids in your charge!

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><


2) Father's Day

On fathers day,
While celebrating and showing your dad appreciation,
Please don't forget our Father.
You know; God.
The one who really brought us into this world.
The one who can really take us out.

~ Demarquis Johnson


3) Winner Monologue 

(Inspired by Romans 8:31)

I can't lose,
Look whose on my side.
God himself.
No one can defeat me with God on my team.
No one,
And I do mean no one.
No matter who or what rises up against me
With God victory is mine.

~ Demarquis Johnson


4) Marriage Monologue 

"Nothing Is Too Hard for God, Not Even Marriage"

Setting: Man standing in front of the mirror preparing to encourage his wife.
Time: Present

"Marriage is not too hard for us.
It's not.
It is not too hard.
Nothing's too hard for God.
We can be victorious in marriage.
We can win,
Really we can.
If God is for us,
If God is for our marriage;
Who can be against us.
Name one?
Name one...
No one,
No one can defeat our marriage.
It is not impossible to be married,
Anything is possible with God,
Even our Marriage."

~ Demarquis Johnson

from SSTN: More monologues are available in our Bible skits section at:


5) Father's Day Ideas

Use the search engine on our home page to find a goldmine of ideas for Father's Day: http://www.sundayschoolnetwork.com 

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6) Father's Day Children's Message

Props Needed: A photo of your father.

(Say:) Today is a special day, isn't it? Who can tell me what today is? That's right, it's Father's Day, and I brought a picture of my daddy to show you. (Hold up photo.) My daddy has already gone to Heaven, but I am happy because I know I will see him again when I go to heaven. I brought this picture of him to show you, because I wondered if you would think I look like him - do you think so? ( Hold picture by your face and let them have a look.) Lots of people have told me that I do look like my dad, and I'll bet some of you have been told that you look like your dad or mom too, haven't you? Well, just as we often resemble our earthly parents, we are also like our Heavenly Father, God. In fact, the Bible tells us that He . .
. read the rest of, A Father's Day Message - Being a Blessing. Find it listed on our "X-tra Holidays" page at:  http://sundayschoolnetwork.com/sermons.html


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