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SSTN # 15 - February 17, 2006

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1) Bible Olympics
2) Mother's Day skit
3) Survivor Ideas?
4) Mother's Day skit
5) When to Bring Bibles

The Prayer of Jesus

6) Non-Christian love songs
7) Trading Places
8) Non-Christian Love Songs
9) KJV - VBS
10) Tale of Jonah song

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1) Bible Olympics

I was reading an article in one of your letters and this woman talked
about the bible olympics. I think it would be a great idea. I just need
some more information on how the game works. Any information will greatly
be appreciated. Thanks
Tawnia Hoelzeman

--from SSTN: Hi Tawnia, make sure you check the rest of the archives too
at: http://www.sundayschoolnetwork.com/archives.html 

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2) Mother's Day skit

This message is for Jo Campbell who wanted a Mother's Day skit.  I
would suggest learning the song called "Mother" and acting out the
words of the song.  It's an old song, popular around the 1920's, and
starts with the line, "M is for the many things she gave me..."  Kids
and adults can have fun with that one.

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3) Survivor Ideas?

I would like to know more ideas of things to do with the survivor theme. I
read the one in the news letter about the three crosses and it sounded
like something our youth group woild enjoy. I am looking for these for

--from SSTN: check out the series in the site at:

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4) Mother's Day skit

Hi Jo Campbell,

I dont know if this idea will be benefitial...use the letters that spell
MOTHER to outline some of the good qualities of a mother and present these
in the form a skit or conversation among the kids...Eg. the 1st speaker..M
is for  Mother who are always making sure that my hair is comb, my clothes
are clean etc....2nd speaker oh yes and O is for the Outward expresion of
her tender loving care which she shows by...... they can end the piece
with a song that also spell the word Mother in the line of each verse
example Many a tears she has dried...Over and over again...Through out my
childhood years...Her love for me just grows stronger ...

I am Dawn, Jamaica

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The Prayer of Jesus

Through the use of hands-on Bible lessons, crafts and games, children will
learn to pray the prayer that Jesus taught his followers to pray.
Learn more at:


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5) When to Bring Bibles

>I would like to ask your opinion on what is an appropriate age to ask
>kids to bring their bibles with them to Sunday school .....
The children that were in the nursery/toddler classes when I was director
are now teens! I have continued  a practice I did with the "now teens"
with my grandchildren --- and it still works!
Before the babies were big enough to toddle and carry things, even the
"Sitters" and "Crawlers" watched the "Walkers and "Talkers" begin to
search God's Word.
I kept within the pages of my Bible, hearts cut from construction paper in
the gospel colors.
Red - for the blood of Jesus,
a Dark colored heart representing sin,
a White one, for a repentant cleansed heart,
Green for growing and learning from God's Word
and Yellow or Gold that represented Heaven.
One on one encourage the little ones to turn the pages of a Bible and look
for the colored hearts. When they find one - be SO excited and tell them
the color and the meaning of that specific heart. Always exclaim they
found it in the Bible - God's Holy Word! Repetition is encouragement to
them. Their little eyes would light up with enthusiasm and excitement to
continue to look for MORE in God's Word.
After all five hearts are found, you could sing this little song that I
wrote. I have shared it before on SSTN - but maybe there is someone new to
the list that would benefit from it. It is sung to the tune of Twinkle
Twinkle Little Star...
See my dark heart stained with sin 
I need to ask Jesus in. (dark heart)
Jesus died, shed blood for me; (red heart)
So my dark heart could be clean. (white heart)
Christ will help me learn and grow. (green heart)
Someday I'll walk streets of gold. (gold or yellow heart)
When they are official toddlers, give them their own set of Gospel Hearts
for their own Bible.
It is absolutely glorifying to God to see them search His Word from such a
tender age as well as be able to sing the salvation message to others.
Joyfully Serving HIM,
Emmalea Butler
Trafalgar, IN1servinghim2@indy.net

--from SSTN: love it, Emmalea!

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6) Non-Christian love songs

In reply to the person wanting to use
non christian love songs

you go girl/guy
you'll be following in the footsteps
of The Booths who started the salvation army They
also used popular drinking songs of the day altering
words when needed in order to gain the interest of
the pub drinkers of the time and we still sing
many of these hymns today

I belong to a Maori Church in N.Z. and we sing lots
of songs using tunes and lyrics that have been altered
and its amazing how new people feel at home and love
the music, which encourages them to come back

many blessings  Rev Norma

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7) Trading Places

This is a New VBS curriculum - so it is doubtful anyone has used it yet. 
In fact, the intro kits are out, and you can order the rest, but not sure
it is being shipped yet.

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8) Non-Christian Love Songs

AMEN to Kerri in Alabama.  I don't think we need to use anything in church
that is from the world. This includes cartoon clips, etc. Let's be Holy
because He is holy!

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9) KJV - VBS

For the person asking for KJV for vacation Bible School material, our
church has used Regular Baptist Press material for several years. It is
all King James, this year it is about the story of Paul. You can find it
online under Regular Baptist Press.
Thanks, Barb in Ohio

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10) Tale of Jonah song


I remember singing the Jonah song when I was at VBS as a 9 year old. I am
now 47!!!! Here goes

Come listen to my tale
Of Jonah and the whale
Way down in the middle of the ocean.
How did he get there
Whatever did he wear
Way down in the middle of the ocean
Preaching he should be
At Nineveh, you see -
He disobeyed - O what a foolish notion.
But God forgave his sin
Salvation entered in
Way down in the middle of the ocean


Sandra - from Sri Lanka

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