August 19, 2014 -- Issue #15 - Volume 15


1) Street Sign Parables

2) That Precious Name

3) Lighthouse Pictures

4) An Empty Box

5) Craft: Shine for Jesus

Modern Parables for kids, children's Bible lessons

1) Street Sign Parables

Jesus taught his followers about the kingdom of Heaven by using everyday objects. And since most children look with anticipation to the day they can drive, what better way to explain the life-saving lessons of Godís kingdom, than by using common objects such as street signs? 

Street signs serve two main purposes, to warn drivers of possible danger ahead and to point them in the right direction. Godís Word is like this too, it warns us of what lies ahead and tells us the right way to go in life.

The Dead-End sign can teach us about God's kingdom because it is placed at the beginning of a street to warn drivers that there is
no exit. However, if you ignore the sign and go down the street anyway, youíll discover that it doesn't go anywhere, it's a dead-end. When we ignore Godís Word and his commandments, we will also discover that itís a dead-end. And like Adam and Eve learned, weíll find out that our wrong choices lead to spiritual death. God wants us to go the right way in life, which is why he gave us his Word to learn right from wrong, and why he gives his Spirit to those who trust him.

Get more Street Sign Parables.


2) That Precious Name

You ask, what's in a Name? so I'll explain a thing or two. The most important Name is Jesus, For salvation He brings to you.
Acts 14:12

He was given that Name before He came from heaven to earth. 
Luke 2:21

Isaiah said his Name would be called Wonderful Counselor long before His birth.
Isaiah 7:14. 9:6

Matthew wrote that His Name would be called Emanuel,
Meaning God with us as in Isaiah 7:14.
Matthew 1:23

There was authority in His Name to even cast out evil spirits,
As was clearly seen. 
Acts 16:18

Every knee should bow to that Name,
which is above every Name.
Philippians 2:9-10

Soon every knee shall bow for our Lord shall forever reign.
Isaiah 45:23 Romans 14:11

There is reproach for Christ's Name.
I Peter 4:14

A command to depart from all wickedness.
2 Timothy 2:19

For the faithful there is reward to gain.
Revelation 2:19

In Matthew 18:20 there is gathering in His Name.
And that which we do now shall continue through all eternity.
And wonder of all wonders is the fact that He included me!

Copyright 2012 Ray Zander
Used by permission from
Life of Faith Vol. IX

Names of God: Prince of Peace, Light of the World, Savior . . .                              


3) Lighthouse Pictures

I found a great link with pictures of lighthouses from all over the world. Check it out at:
The pictures could be used in the introduction to the Lighthouse lessons: Lighthouses come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and color. Yet they all serve the same purpose, to point the way to safety. Likewise, God's children are like lighthouses who come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors---we are to point the way to safety in Jesus Christ! 

--from SSTN: join us, and the other teachers from SSTN who will be participating this Fall, as we teach the LIGHTHOUSE: An Overview for Children on the Book of Acts and the Glory of God. It will be fun teaching this together and sharing our ideas as we go!


4) What's In That Box?

Prop: an empty box.

Say: There is something in this box that will show us what had to happen to Jesus for HIM to be able to become our Savior.

Ask: What do you think is in the box?

Is it a manger where HE was born - he had to come as a little baby?
Is it a crown of thorns? He had to Suffer for us.
Is it the nails that held JESUS to the Cross in the crucifixion?
Is it a small cross that represents where Jesus was nailed to die for our sins?
Could it be Blood? Jesus had to shed blood for us.

Philippians 2:7 tells us the answer; it explains what . . .
get the rest of this lesson.

Beatitudes lessons for children

5) Craft: Shine for Jesus

"Shine for Jesus" is another craft that could go with the upcoming Lighthouse Bible lessons. God's Word tells us that those who follow Jesus are like lights in a dark world. Jesus said we should let our lights shine. Why? Read Matthew 5:16 to find out. Make this craft as a reminder of how important your light is. . . .

Get the "Shine for Jesus" craft.


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