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SSTN # 14 - February 15, 2006

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1) Outreach ideas
2) Jonah Song
3) Kids Under Construction
4) Outreach ideas

Easter Activities

5) Tale of Jonah song
6) VBS materials in KJV
7) Tales of Jonah song
8) Teaching Austic  Children
9) Outreach ideas
10) Fish Tales

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1) Outreach ideas

  I coordinate the children's ministry at my church... and I work
primarily with age group of 3-8.  At Christmas time we made up these
simple snowman cups with a snowman head and hot chocolate, marshmellows,
candy cane, and a pre-typed note I made up thanking them for their service
to the community. 
I called and about 12 of them showed up to received the gifts from the
kids and brought their own.  Plus they did a whole demo of how they dress
up and come into fires and what kids should do if they are in a fire and
firemen come to rescue them.  It was wonderful.  This year I'm hoping to
collect toys and books to send to our local children's hospital.  I try to
do projects that the kids can see what the impact is themselves.  I hope
this helps.


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2) Jonah Song

[ Rodney Longfellow wrote:  (tune: the Gilligan Island song)]

Just sit right back and you'll hear the tale
of Jonah's dreadful trip
that started from a tropic port
to give the Lord a slip.

The prophet was called to preach the truth
but chose to disobey.
He jumped on a ship to run from God
and headed far away...

Well.  Jonah spent three days and nights
there in that poor old fish.
He repented of the sin he'd done,
was spit in the air, he flipped twice.

He preached the truth.
They changed their ways.
There on Nineveh.

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3) Kids Under Construction

>I am planning on doing our VBS this year with the theme
>"Kids Under Construction." Any ideas

>>There's a song that says, "God's still working on me to make me what I
>>ought to be. He made the moon and the stars and Jupiter and Mars, but
>>he'sstill working on me."

That is a Gaither song called "He's still working on me." Check their web
site for info.

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4) Outreach ideas

Hello.  As for Outreach ideas, I do strongly suggest looking into the
Sidewalk Sunday School program.  I can't really explain it, but the idea
is wonderful and you can buy a book, and tapes for not too much, and
you'll get the idea.  You can tailor it to your situation, but it's really
Alicia, from Indiana

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Easter Activities

Check out our Easter resources at:


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5) Tale of Jonah song

Dear Ruth,

My recollection of the Jonah Song from my childhood days is as follows:

Come listen to my tale of Jonah and the whale;
Way down in the middle of the ocean!
Whatever did he wear, however did he get there?
Way down in the middle of the ocean.
Preaching he should have been at Ninevah, you see,
He disobeyed a very foolish notion
But God forgave his sin,
Salvation enetered in.
Way down in the middle of the ocean.

Hope it helps.

God bless,

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6) VBS materials in KJV

I just want to say thanks to those who have been so helpful in my search
for Western VBS materials in KJV!!  This newsletter has been very
encouraging and helpful!!  I have met the most wonderful people!!  It is
great to have fellow believers to lean on!  It is alot of work to change
all of the posters, handouts, and even songs to include the KJV version of
the Bible.   That is why I asked you fine folks for help!!  We wrote last
year's VBS called "Down on the Farm", and it was a blessing...  But, I
have a whole new respect for the writers of Children's Christian
Literature!!  Lesson, songs, puppet shows, posters.....whew!  That was so
draining!!  I am so thankful for finding this newsletter!!  I think we may
have found some material!!  Of course, we might tweak it a bit... one
teacher has her heart set on being the "sheriff"...  with a Paul and Silas
tie in from the Scriptures...  She is even starting on the front of her
"jail"... complete with paper mache rocks and bars over the windows!! 
Please pray for us!  Also, I am working on a website for our church...  I
hope to post copies of the "Down on the Farm" VBS for others to use... 
Thanks so much for the ideas and encouragement!! 
Sandy from Kokomo, IN

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7) Tales of Jonah song
I don't have the words to that, but have two
other songs relating to Jonah.
Jonah and the Whale Song
(sing to the tune of "London Bridges")
Jonah was swallowed by a whale
By a whale,
By a whale,
Jonah ws swallowed by a whale.
Swallowed whole!
  (rub tummy at the end)

Jonah prayed to God above
God above,
God above,
Jonah prayed to God above
And was forgiven!
(hold hands in prayer position at the end)
Jonah and the Whale
(sung to the tune of I'm a Little Teapot)
Jonah ran from God to get away
He didn't want to hear what God had to say.
He climb ed on board a boat and sailed to sea
He told the Lord to let him be.
God said to Jonah, "not so fast",
My time with you has not yet passed.
The Lord sent a storm and rocked the boat
Jonah fell into the sea and tried to float.
A fish swam by and swallowed the man
Jonah prayed, "Lord, I'm sorry I ran"
God forgave Jonah after three days
Jonah thanked God and was on his way.

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8) Teaching Austic  Children

Thanks so much - there is no information for Sunday School
teachers to deal with austim children.  We have 3 boys at
my church that have austim and 2 are on a real bad spectum.
Once, I turned him my for 2 seconds, when one of the children
of austim hit a child up side the head.  It's hard for a teacher
to deal with 3 autistic children  in a classroom of 20 - 25 and
each as a different need.  At this time, only one of the children
with austism is able to attend.

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9) Outreach ideas

In response to Lisa  ( (3) Outreach ideas?)

I would suggest holding a "Sidewalk Sunday School or Sidewalk VBS in the
Park" to get your church visible. Must be Able to be portable, carrying
everything in with  you. We have used this method Successfully the past 3
years and have reached more than 20 children for the Lord. Now some
parents are coming to our Wed. activity (there is also an adult Study).

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10) Fish Tales

There is a musical by Kathie Hill called Fish Tales that has several fish
songs in it including Fish Sandwiches, Cast the Nets, Love is the Bait and
Fish Tales. It is available from Word Music. It is a musical that can be
done at one time or broken down into 3 mini musicals. Perfect for a VBS
musical for parents night! There are some really ggod songs in it!
Lynette Story

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