August 13, 2014 -- Issue #14 - Volume 15

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1) Adult Devotional: Whose Armor . . .?

2) We Are God's Church

3) Jesus Lighthouse Craft

4) More Lighthouse Ideas


1) Adult Devotional: Whose Armor Are You Wearing?  

With so many ministries to admire, and spiritual mentors to turn to, it is common for people to emulate those who are "accomplished" and "successful." Although the accomplishments of others in ministry can serve as a testament of God’s faithfulness — like the shepherd boy, David — we must not put on someone else’s "armor"; especially when it does not fit. 

The Word of God teaches that we have been perfectly made for the call on our lives. That means that we do not have to "put on" someone else’s personality, mannerisms, ministerial style, or marketing plan. According to King Saul, the shepherd boy, David, was too . . .
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2) We Are God's Church

Create a large blank cut out in the shape of a church on cardboard, then cut it into pieces like a puzzle. Make however many pieces you will need to fit your class size, including the teacher. Give everyone a piece of the puzzle and have them draw a picture of themselves on the puzzle piece. (Another option is to paste a photo of themselves on their puzzle piece.) Don't tell the children beforehand what the object will be when completed; it's a surprise. Now have the children put the puzzle together and discover, we are God's church!



3) Jesus Lighthouse Craft

The Jesus Lighthouse craft can be used along with, or instead of, one of the lighthouse crafts in our LIGHTHOUSE Bible Curriculum. Check it out at: 

--from SSTN: Join us this coming Fall semester as we teach the  
LIGHTHOUSE– An Overview for Children on the Book of Acts and the Glory of God.


4) More Lighthouse Ideas

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