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SSTN # 13 - February 13, 2006

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1) Adapted Game For Mentally Challenged
2) Behavior Problems
3) Western VBS
4) Teaching preschoolers

Multiple Age Curriculum

5) Race Theme?
6) Multiage Class
7) Super Bowl Sunday
8) Valentine mini concert
9) Respect Lessons?
10) Kids Under Construction

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1) Adapted Game For Mentally Challenged

Hi  thanks for the great website.  I teach a sunday school class for
adults with mental retardation and am always looking for engaging ways to
present a lesson.  I saw a game about super bowl by another
contributer but couldn't use the same idea for my group.  So my family and
I came up with this game to adapt to our needs.
We made a football field out of 4 green poster boards and used masking
tape to mark the yard lines.  We made goal posts out of yellow poster
board and taped this field up on the wall.  We made football shapes out of
brown paper and wrote football plays on them with corresponding life
actions such as:
a grudge being mad at someone and not forgiving them
5 yd penalty
passing up on something God is nudging you to do
10yd penalty
using foul or bad  language
10yd penalty
Illegal motion doing something you are not supposed to be doing  5yd
Illegal use of hands taking something that isn't your own 5yd penalty
Unneccessary roughness  pushing or hitting someone else  5yd penalty
asking forgiveness from God for something you did wrong 
15yd gain
resisting tempation  
20yd gain
CARRYING THE BALL  helping someone do something  20yd gain
We also threw in some things that would gain yardage like gain 10yds 
enccouraged someone by saying something nice  25yd gain  or
freebees like field goal for 3 pts.

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2) Behavior Problems

I found a wonderful book with delightful illustrations for young children.
The title is WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO BE A BULLY by Susan Miracle Brown.  
(Avant Garde Publishing) 2005.  I used it both for Sunday School and our
Church Pre-School.  It is great for leading into discussion about behavior
and treating others as they would like to be treated. 
Sylvia S. Gardner
--from SSTN: you can find the book in our bookstore. Just type the title
into the search box:  http://www.sundayschoolnetwork.com/bookstore.html 

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3) Western VBS

I wrote curriculum for a Western VBS for last year built on the stories
of David.
If anyone is interested in my curriculum you may have it.
I am new to this group and I would love to start out helping others,
Sandra Devall

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4) Teaching preschoolers

Hi,   I just read the question about should you teach preschoolers in
Sunday School.  I have been teaching the Nursery Class at my church for 2
1/2 yrs.  Yes, I do teach them a short lesson every Sunday, and we do
crafts and color pages,  all based on Bible stories.  I find a lot of
ideas from this site, along with many others.  Sometimes, I even use
childrens's Bibles, or Bible 'bedtime stories' for ideas on lessons.  But,
what I find helps me the most,  is prayer.  God has never failed to give
me a lesson, or craft for my class.  I teach 2, 3, and 4 yr. old.  This
class has been such a blessing for me.  God Bless----Sis. Lavetta

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Multiple Age Curriculum

Looking for multi-age curriculum? Check out my hands-on Bible lessons for K-5th grade at:

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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5) Race Theme?

First of all I wanted to tell you that I just went to the new site and it
will be great. I have used some ideas from the newsletters before, and
have not sent in a support check. How do you do that now?

Also, I needed to post a question and did not know how to do that now
other than e-mail you.

My question is this? Does anyone have any ideas for activities for a
"race" theme unit I could use? I know that Standard's new theme this year
is Incredible Race, but we cannot afford the only kit that I have seen
from them this year. I live in Indiana so the race theme during May would
be a big help. My e-mail is marklindab@verizon.net. Thank you very much

And if there is another way to post questions/ideas would you let me know
as soon as possible as I am planning our year now.

--from SSTN: Hi Linda, posting guidelines are listed at the top of the
Support info is listed at the bottom. ;o) As to "race" theme, check our
archives too at:

Thank you!!
Sarah Keith <><

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6) Multiage Class
To:  kstieber@kooltronic.com

I have taught many multiage classes, even some with toddlers &
preschoolers mixed in.  The key for me and of most benefit & life-changing
experience and growth for the kids, was to train, encourage and use the
older ones to work with & mentor the younger ones.  Not "class helpers",
but older teaching younger. 
Use them as class leaders, puppeteers and so on.  Not just helping, but
teaching them how to minister to the younger kids; how to be an example to
them, and have them come up under your wing in children's ministry.
Children's ministry is about training and empowering them to minister,
right now, in their sphere of influence.
They know they are different than the younger kids and they want to be
treated olde r.  Give them responsibilities and utilize THEIR giftings &
talents and suggestions for ministering to the younger ones. 
You'll be amazed and what God is doing in and through children.
For more inspiration, teacher training articles & resourcesand ideas,
check out this website:

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7) Super Bowl Sunday

I just registered with the  SSTN  and came across the super bowl Sunday
activity and fell in love with it just wanted to let you know i will be
doing this activity with the children tomorrow wish me luck! Anymore ideas
are always welcomed and appreciated ok
Thanks again  
Claire LaLanne

--from SSTN: we'd love to know how it turned out!

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8) Valentine mini concert

In response to your question about using 'nonChristian' songs for a
concert:  There was a time in my life when I loved country music.  I knew
inside that it wasn't a positive influence - just listen to the lyrics -
yet in a way you become addicted to the beat and the beauty of the sound. 
For several years I chose to listen to and watch the Country Music
Television channel.  The time came when the Holy Spirit convicted me and
as He worked in my life, I eventually came to the place where I decided I
did not want to hear anything but godly and uplifting-to-my-Christian-walk
music.  So for several years now, as much as it is in my control, I tune
in only to God-honoring music.  When I am in a place where country or (as
you called it) non-Christian music is being played, it is like my ears are
being contaminated.  I don't want to hear it.  It was like an idol to me
and now that I am free from serving it, I don't want to have any contact
with it.
Imagine my horror, then, when I attend a women's conference in a huge
arena, and the singer does just what you are considering doing.  She takes
an old love song, which was written by an unbeliever and originally sung
by an unbeliever, and changes a word here or there to make it a song to
Jesus.  She is asking me to again embrace what was once an idol in my
life.  And she is putting those tunes back into my mind that I have tried
desperately to remove.  And imagine my horror when I look around the arena
and see 99.9% (it seems) of all the other attendees, standing, clapping,
singing, swaying, and loving the 'oldies, but goodies.'  
Obviously, I am in the minority here, but I know what is in my heart and I
know that I only want to put into my mind what is pure and right and
good.  If given the choice, give me the song and lyrics that are written
and sung by someone who loves the same Lord I do. 

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9) Respect Lessons?

We have a small sunday school group of 3 & 4 th graders and another with 5
& 6 th graders.  We are looking for lessons that deal with respect. Both
for God and for each other. We would appreciate any ideas.
Thank You

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10) Kids Under Construction

We put had a have a few contractors in our church... so we had a large
piece of equipment... a back hoe I believe.... parked on our property to
get attention.  Then we made a huge sign advertising using plywood.  I
used a an old set of blueprints my dad had and most kids knew what
blueprints were.  I used that to compare to the bible.  The blueprints are
the directions to build something.  The bible is our directions to build
our character like Christ.  I used the whole construction theme with road
signs (mostly hand made) and orange cones.  I hope this helps.  Let me
know if you are looking for more.


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