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April 27, 2016 -- Issue #13






In today's newsletter:

1) F.B.I. Bible Club

2) Mother's Day Ideas

3) Bible Spell Game

4) Teach Children to RESPECT

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Bible Heroes


1) F.B.I. Bible Club

Bible Club in public school
Look what this group of Christians are doing in their local public middle school, yes I said, public! 
The co-director of the program, Emmalea Butler, a longtime contributor to this newsletter and website, wrote in to give us an update. I hope this encourages you in your ministry to children! 

"F.B.I. – Faithful Bible Investigators have converged on Indian Creek Intermediate School for 6 weeks of high intensity training! April 21 marked the half-way point in the Academy. The day was commemorated with the award of their official agent shirts and the Academy's official photo.

We have 82 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders signed up for the F.B.I. Academy! There were 79 attending on this t-shirt/photo day. The Agents in black shirts are the squad leaders. The Leadership team is made up of adults, and this year we've included 6th, 7th or 8th grade helpers from the middle school. There are 23 adult and teen leaders in this photo.

In addition, but missing from the photo, are Snack Man, 1 teen that had to leave before the photo, AND the teen who took this photo. Twenty-six “leaders” run the club like a well-oiled machine! They are doing a great job! It's a good group, but we could use a few more adult volunteers next semester. GOD certainly has blessed us!

Thank you for your faithful support of The Great Adventure Club*; 13 years and going strong!"

Emmalea Butler
Amanda Johnson
Co-Directors of The Great Adventure Club @ ICIS

*You can learn more about their work by typing "FBI" into the search box at the bottom of this newsletter or from our home page.



parables modern day



2) Mother's Day Ideas

Check out our Mother's Day Ideas on the Christian Crafts, Holidays page. And if you've got an idea to share, please send it to  



3) Bible Spell Game

(Used by permission, from the book,
Bible Games Explosion)

What you need: Bible, Post-It-Notes, blackboard, a second-hand watch, Bible spelling words.

Set Up: Write out Bible spelling words on Post-it-Notes. Use words from your lesson or
Bible book names.

How to Play: Divide class into two teams. First player from team one is given a Bible Spelling word. The player must tell his or her team how many letters are in the word, and then give clues for each of the letters. Another player from the team may write
blank spaces on the board to equal the amount of letters in the spelling word. As the clues are given for each letter, the team writes the letters in the blank spaces. A player has 20 seconds to give the clues to their teammates.


Example: Clues are given in consecutive order. If the spelling word is "Genesis," the first clue could be, "The opposite of bad is___?" (Answer=Good. Good begins with the letter "G" as does the first letter in Genesis.) Players may not say the letter or use a word that begins with that letter. The next letter in Genesis is "E." Therefore, a clue for this could be, "You crack it open." (Answer=egg, which begins with an "E," the second letter in Genesis.)

A player may opt to skip a letter and go to the next letter. After 20 seconds, time is up and the team must attempt to guess the Bible spelling word. If they answer correctly, they score a point. If they cannot answer correctly, the opposing team may give their answer to score. If they are unable to answer, no team scores. The next team takes their turn.

How to Win: After a designated time, the team with the most points wins.

Copyright 2000 Sarah A. Keith



Fruit of the Spirit Bible Lessons for kids



4) Teach Children to RESPECT Their Teachers

Spend a few minutes memorizing the golden rule, "Do unto others what you would have them do unto you" Matthew 7:12. 

We call this the golden rule, because it is a valuable way to treat others. Even so, the Bible doesn't call it "the golden rule." But Jesus wants us to know we are to respect others, because people are made in God's image. What does it mean to RESPECT others? (Receive answers.) 

To respect others means to be kind to other people, to be courteous or polite in the way we use our words and our actions. We are to love one another, because God loves us. Today we will use the letters of the word, R.E.S.P.E.C.T., to help us remember how we should treat our teachers who give of their time to teach us about God.

Get the RESPECT lesson with a coordinating craft.



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