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SSTN # 12 - February 21, 2007

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1) Behavior Games
2) Heart Spa Skit
3) Raising Lazarus Art Lesson
4) Heart Spa Retreat?

Palm Branch egg holder...no charge!

5) Behavior Games
6) Behavior Games
7) Zacchaeus Ideas?
8) Attention Span?
9) Drawing Contest?

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1) Behavior Games

I would start by separating the class into 2 groups, the age difference is
too much.  When telling or reading the story, try have them listen for key
words that they can do actions to whenever they hear them. For example,
when I read Jesus, the kids all stand and applaud,  when I say women they
curtsey. It gives them something to look forward to in the story. This
works for all our age groups, they all seem to enjoy.

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2) Heart Spa Skit

Dear Wanda Whittington
SBR Church of Christ
Here are some scripts that you can take a look at and see if any of these
would work for you.
longer scripts http://www.christianskitscripts.com/cowboycarl.htm
I think these are shorter scripts

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3) Raising Lazarus Art Lesson
>I'm looking for ideas for the art workshop for our rotation on the
>of Lazarus. I'm hoping for something less literal than making tombs or
Dear Linda in Edmonds
  Try this site for Lessons on a rotation theme about Lazarus.

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4) Heart Spa Retreat?

I don't have a skit but I would love your ideas on the Ladies Retreat
theme. Thanks
Vanessa Sears

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Palm Branch egg holder...no charge!

Get it at:


(you may need to copy and paste the link to your browser)

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5) Behavior Games

One idea that I use with my 3-5 year olds and have used successfully with
children up untill about 9 is I call out 'heads' and the children have to
place their hands on their heads I then call out various places on the
body. Once they have started to tune in i then warn them to do what I say
and not what my hands do so every once in a while I will call out for
example 'heads' and then put my hands elsewhere eg 'shoulders';.

This is a good attention catcher and to add incentive I occasionally will
give a sticker out to the first people copying me.

Hope this helps

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6) Behavior Games

> Any ideas about behavior games or songs about how to listen?

I am currently in the same situation you are in. Might I suggest you visit
http://www.kidsprayer.com/01-kids/index.htm  for more ideas. The ladies
behind this program are a real inspiration to what kids can do when in
mixed age groups and given the tools needed to learn how to worship and

Great ideas for energy outlits are praise breaks. Get some of the modern
day worship music both fast and slow, and let the kids worship. Start off
with 5 min at the beginning of class for what I secretly like to  call
Sunday Morning Christian Calestenics; give the kids instruments, praise
banners (streamers attached to paint stirrers), plain white handkerchiefs
or strips of brightly colored cloth, play microphones etc. and crank up
the volume. Depending on the amount of energy displayed by your group of
kids allow for more 5 min praise breaks throughout the class. This could
be every 10 - 15 minutes but be sure to let the kids know when it's time
to get serious and quiet. We can hear and worship God when we are
energized and when we are quiet and He loves it both ways. One thing the
kids prayer site teaches is that the number one job of children everywhere
is to worship God. How? The Bible says with ALL our hearts, with ALL our
minds, with ALL our souls, and with ALL our bodies/might. Encourage the
children to wiggle, jump, dance, clap, stomp, bang drums etc. Some of the
most awesome kids praise music can be found on the HillSong Kids worship
cds. My neices and the kids at my church love the Superhero song the best
and for almost all of the songs you can get your kids involved with the
making up of the worship motions. A second option is to get the older kids
involved as mentors for the younger ones. Set up designated jobs for each
class time and the kids have to see whose names will be drawn for those
specific jobs and maybe make it a positive behavior incentive. I work in a
public school setting and the one thing they really stress to the kids is
the behavior expectations for each child and making sure to hold them
accountable for their actions no matter how young they are. Use Scripture
to support these expectations and their accountability. Also, be aware of
the kids who might be hungry, tired, lonely or sick because all of these
characteristics can cause behavior problems. You may have a student who
doesn't know what positive behavior looks like. If so, don't be surprised
when it's not one of your 2 year olds but is instead one of your oldest
students. Model it for them and help them talk out what good behavior and
good choices look like to Jesus. Hope this helps!


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7) Zacchaeus Ideas?

Hi Sarah,
I was wondering if you were able to send me say all the lessons & ideas
have on "Zacchaeus"? I don't know if you can sort them that way, but
thought I would ask!

Thanks for your help!
In HIS name,

--from SSTN: any possible info in the site on Zacchaeus, or any other
topic for that matter, may be found in our search engine at:

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8) Attention Span?

HI Sorry it took so long to get back to you guys.We have started a church
a year ago. Our class is around 12 children ages are 6-12.The problem is
holding the kids attention long enough.One of our pastors sent for the
curriculum its good its called rt.66 we're in the old testament. The other
teacher and I been trying to shorten the length of the lesson and to make
it not so boring. All in all we need some ideas to be more creative, which
has their attention longer. We want to make sure their learning. We
have one kid who is  six years old.Most of the kids in the class is very
lively and loud!
Thank you,

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9) Drawing Contest?

Greetings to the beloved,

I have recently started teaching Sunday school kids
aged 7-9. I would like any suggestions of games that
includes drawing something and then getting the best
picture to win a small prize.

I thought I would ask them to draw a picture of
heaven- Is it a far fetched idea?

Best Regards,

--from SSTN: to have children draw something in the Bible isn't
far-fetched. I have used this technique. First read a portion of your
Scripture. For heaven, read Revelation 21:1-4, 10-27; and 22:1-7, then
have them draw what comes to mind from the reading. The great news is that
no matter what they imagine heaven to be like, it will be better than
that! See 1 Corin. 2:9.

However, because art is subjective, I would strongly discourage awarding
one prize for "Best Drawing". Rather, if you must award a prize, then
award many prizes so that each child would receive something of merit for
their interpretation. ie. "Best Composition", "Best Colors Used", "Most
Unique Design", Best Abstract", "Most Realistic", etc.

I think it would be better to hang their designs in a place of prominence,
present an art show, for the rest of the church to view.

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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