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SSTN # 12 - February 11, 2006

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1) When to Bring Bibles
2) The Band-Aid Song
3) When to Bring Bibles
4) When to Bring Bibles

Valentine's Heart Box

5) When to bring Bibles
6) When to bring Bibles
7) Non-Christian Love Songs
8) Trading Places?
9) Easter Skit?
10) Nursery Volunteers, Safety, Numbers

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1) When to Bring Bibles

When I began teaching a new class of Primaries, I asked the kids to bring
their Bibles. One little 7 year old boy could not read.
(I gave little prizes every so often when they gained points for bringing
their Bibles) The second week, he went home and told his parents, "I have
got to learn to read" and he did, very quickly.  Not only did he learn to
read but he learned to love the Bible.  He is now grown now working with

Helen Setser

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2) The Band-Aid Song

>(There'll be no Band-aids in heaven). 

I found the chorus to this song in SSTN archives #37.  They didn't have
the verses, but the chorus is:
They'll be no band-aids in heaven
No emergency medical care
They'll be no skinned knees,
no stings from the bees,
They'll be no band-aids up there.
It is on a CD entitled Kids Christian Hits Vol. 1-Karoke Style
God bless,
Joni in California

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3) When to Bring Bibles

>>>I would like to ask your opinion on what is an appropriate age to ask
kids to bring their bibles with them to sunday school, or maybe what is
rules at your sunday school.<<<
We encourage all of our Sunday School kids to bring their Bible,
regardless of their age. Right now, we are doing a Western theme, and the
children get extra points for bringing their "weapon". It gets them in the
habit early, and helps them become comfortable and familiar with this
guidebook to life! We try to use the Bibles in a variety of ways
throughout the lesson - we have the kids (the ones who can read) look up
verses and read out loud, and we'll help even those who cannot read find
the verse in their Bible.I always write down the verse passages we' re
focusing on each unit and put them in a prominent position. I then read it
aloud, having the kids read along or repeat after me, in order to get the
non-readers involved. We've even done an entire story this way - we split
up the  Bible passages, and had the kids take turns reading them aloud,
with the teacher stopping them to explain the story. When we're teaching
the story, we like to mention how the story comes from the Bible and that
it is true.
 Our SS kids are primarily bus children whose parents do not attend, so
sometimes they do not have access to a Bible. In these cases, we try to
supply them with a Bible to bring. This has gone over really well, and
they are really happy to get one. A lot of times, they'll even have the
pastor sign it.
I'm finding that a lot of them are completely unfamiliar with the Bible,
so I'm thinking about incorporating the Books of the Bible in the lesson,
using the song, etc.
Hope these ideas help!

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4) When to Bring Bibles

>I would like to ask your opinion on what is an appropriate age to ask kids
>to bring their bibles with them to sunday school, or maybe what is the
>rules at your sunday school.

I would encourage them to bring it as soon as they are big enough to carry
it. Even if they can't read yet, it gets them used to bringing it with
them. It's a good habit that will stick with them later.

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Valentine's Heart Box

A great download activity for Valentine's Day!

Check it out in our "Easy Make N' Take projects at:

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5) When to bring Bibles

We encourage them to bring their Bibles from 2-3 years and up.  They can't
read, but we show them where the lesson or Bible verse is found and mark
the place with a book mark. That way it gets them use to looking in their
Bible and helps the parents follow up at home.

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6) When to bring Bibles

I teach the Middler SS class now, but I have taught these same children
since they were in 1st grade.  I have always encouraged them to bring
their Bibles to SS.   Every Sunday I divide the scripture for our lesson
and give each child several verses to read aloud in class from their own
Bible.  This helps them remember to bring their Bible to class.  I think
it's very important that if you require them to bring their Bible to
class, they use it in class.

God Bless,

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7) Non-Christian Love Songs

>hi.im leading the youth here in our church and im planning to have a mini
>evangelism concert in February.But im thinking of using 'non christian'
>love songs but the lyrics can be sang for Jesus instead.like

In God's Word we are told that we are in this world but are not of this
world. You do not take something that has nothing to do with God or His
Love and "fit" Jesus into it. God is a Holy God, we do not try to put Him
on the level of a boyfriend or a girlfriend. The writers of the non
Christian songs, most of them if not all, are non Christians themselves,
therefore they don't have a clue on what Godly love is. Their idea of love
is lusts,fornication and adultery (plus, most of the entertainment
business hates Christians!). You may try to stick "Jesus" where "baby"
belongs, but the ungodly spirit is still there and God will not be
glorified, but the flesh will be. There are many good Godly Christian
songs that clearly tell of His Love to us and our love to Him and you
won't have to use the ways of the world to lift up the Name of Jesus!
Cause that ain't gone work, as we Southerners say! Please read Colossians
3, the whole chapter. The Word of God says it all!

In Christ's Love, Kerri Alabama

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8) Trading Places?

Hello Everyone,
    Our small church does not have a regular week long bible school. Due
to work schedules and not many willing or able adults we do something a
bit different. About every four months we have a Saving Grace Saturday. We
come up with a theme and have, stories, lessons, skits, music and crafts.
We also serve lunch that ties in with our theme.
     This year we are looking at some literature entitled "TRADING PLACES"
from Standard Publishing. The power pack is rather expensive but we feel
we will be able to use it for an entire year(since we have our saving
grace program 3-4 times a year)
     My question is -Has anyone used this particular literature yet? If so
did it go over well and did you feel the children learned from it and
found it to be fun as well as enriching? Thank you and Blessings to all of
                                                        Brenda Goodwin

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9) Easter Skit?

Dear All,
In preparation for the forthcoming Easter, we would like the children
present to the church a play/drama about the death of our Lord Jesus. I
would like to ask if any one has a transcript for this kind of play/drama
for either 6-9 year olds or 10 -13 year olds. If you have please email me
to marthakhonje@yahoo.co.uk
May God bless you all

--from SSTN: Martha,
There are many listed in the site at:

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10) Nursery Volunteers, Safety, Numbers

>I'm not sure of your size or how many volunteers you have…and is the nursery you 
>direct include babies – age 3 or just babies?  Also, is your church located in a high 
>traffic area?  Is it a safe area or are there many crimes?  Are you suburb or big city?  
>Are the parents of the children in your area young professionals, stay-at-home Moms, >etc?  

I’ll throw out some general ideas:

We have 10-12 paid workers and probable 50 volunteers that staffs our
nursery.  Our childrens ages are birth thur age 3.  We are located on a
state bussy hwy. It is a suburb of Dallas which is huge.  Our population
is 200,000 thousand people.  I believe we are considered a low crime
area.  Our church use to have more older people, but now it seems like we
are having a turn around and have more young professional couples along
with stay at home Moms who homeschool.

-          Your focus is on helping lay a spiritual foundation…perhaps
explaining what you teach and why; discuss how babies in your care learn
and grow, which directly affects what and how you teach.

-          It seems that in this day and age, more parents are concerned
about safety and security of their children.  Perhaps explaining to your
volunteers the value of offering a safe place and what they can do to help
you maintain that.

-          When new parents come to church (and even your ‘regulars’),
they are a little anxious about turning their child over to strangers; the
care and assurance you give them may determine if they come back. 

**Discuss the importance of positive attitudes, not only as they care for
the child, but as they interact with parents. 

The above is something that our workers need to be reminded of.

How can I prepare myself & work an agenda to present this at a
seminar? It is needed in our own dept. The only thing is our people that
will be attending the seminar. It's always open to them, but they don't
come. It's people from other churches/out of town people.

-          Interacting with children – how do volunteers do that?  There
are things we can do and say that help babies make connections to the
world around them.  The more we communicate and talk to them about
everything we’re doing with them, the better they learn. 

>I find many times that our workers are visiting between them selves and
don't give their >attention 100% to the child.  How do I do this?  This is
exackly what our dept. needs, >but I will certainly need some guideance on
how to say it and implement it.

-          Explaining to volunteers how to react in different situations –
what do I do when a baby won’t stop crying and I’ve tried everything; what
do we do if we need to evacuate the building; first aid/CPR

It would be wonderful if you weren't so far away.

-          Perhaps you want to discuss how to better reach out to the
families with babies in your church and your volunteers would be
interested in learning how to.  Do you want to start a program for
expectant parents?    
>I would certainly need help on this one! What would this intail?

-          Discuss ways for your volunteers to work more as a team. 
>This is the exact thing that I have been praying about.  Sometimes
there is >criticism instead of what can I do to help get the job done. 
 Breaks my heart. 

 I need the hand the of the Lord and much knowledge before I can convey
this to others.  What suggestions can you offer to help me get on the
right track?

You may be covering a lot of these things.  This is what I can think of
off the top of my head.  It seems to me that some of the top things
parents are concerned about when they drop their children off is safety,
how their child is being cared for and what their child is learning. 

It is very important to keep our children safe.   We have two men who are
asssigned in the nursery hallway for each service to be on hand should
they be needed.  We also use pagers and only the parents are allow to
pickup the children.  And many of us have cell phones in procession.If
needed we have a nurse on standby.  However my CPR  card has expired. 
Something that we have recently added to our bedbaby nursery.  We have big
window for all to see our babies, we recently put a bullet proof plexglass
on top of the regular glass .Because as you enter the building this is the
first thing that you see. We did it as safety measure.  Should someone
come in with a gun!

Thank you so much for taking time to help me.


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