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April 7, 2015 -- Issue #12


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Skit on Transformation?

I am looking for a skit on transformation or transitioning for teens or preteens, can you please help?

Linda Johnson

--from SSTN: Linda, another submission from a different part of the world came in to be posted in today's newsletter. You might be able to use the story outlined, below, as the inspiration for your transformation skit. Also, our curriculum series, Lighthouse--An overview for children on the Book of Acts, has a short skit in chapter 7 entitled, "A Changed Life" (Saul to Paul).

Also, if you are seeking ideas on transitioning in life to another grade level, I encourage you to use the search box on the home page of our website using the search terms, "transition" or "transitioning." Find it at: 



Bible Lesson Outline: A Terrorist Changed "Saul to Paul"

*TEXT: Act 8:1-8, 1Cor 15:1-8, Act 9:1-22

*Memory verse: Act 4:12

*Teachers Objective: To help children appreciate and accept the mighty power in the gospel to save people from sin.

*Central Truth: The gospel of Jesus is mighty to save people from sin

* Introduction: There are reports all over the world of terrorists destroying people and properties, they are so wicked that one wonders if they can ever be changed! In today's lesson we shall meet a terrorist who was changed by Jesus. 

* Sequence of events: 

*Saul terrorizes the church in Jerusalem.

* He asked for permission to also terrorize the church in Damascus and it was granted.

* God stopped him on the way.

* Saul fell to the ground and became blind. 

* Saul submitted to God and believed in Jesus.

* Others led Paul to Damascus still blind. 

* God send Ananias to Saul, God restored his sight, baptized.

* Paul started to preach.

* Climax: Saul a terrorist was changed by the mighty power in the gospel. 

* To the unsaved child: Only the power of God can save you from sin.

* To the saved child: Do you have some naughty boys / girls in your class? Only the power in the gospel can change them. So start telling them about Jesus!

By Esther Eruteya



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