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May 7, 2013 -- Issue #11 - Volume 14


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1) Youth Drama?
2) Disruptive Children?
Rewards - Thumbs Up or Down?
4) Five-Day Clubs

Summer Bible lessons



1) Youth Drama?

I am requesting a good youth drama to be performed in church. I am the youth coordinator and I have been assigned the duty to look for a good play. I am looking forward for your response. May God bless you in Jesus name.

--from SSTN: You can find many resources on our Skits and Drama page at:

ALSO, look at our skit books, Lights, Camera, Action Bible Skits based on the Gospel of Mark and the book of Ruth at:


2) Disruptive Children?

Hi greetings in Jesus name. I would like to know a skill on how to control children from making noise or playing during session? Peter Mlera

--from SSTN:
We establish beforehand what we expect of the children--even asking for their input for what constitutes good behavior. We also use "Bible Bucks" for good behavior (i.e. answering or attempting to answer questions, bringing friends to class, memorizing Scripture, etc.).  As the teacher instructs, the assistant teacher(s) watch the children to determine who should receive the Bible Bucks. We also tell them they must not touch their bucks or they can be taken away, and if they misbehave the bucks can also be taken from them. After lesson time the children place their bucks in "banks" with their names on them. Every few weeks we allow them to visit our "store" to buy trinkets (donated by families in church) with their bucks. This technique has been very effective and used with children K-5th grade.

To download and print out our Bible Bucks, visit the following link: 


3) Rewards - Thumbs Up or Down?

Should Christian teachers use rewards in class to modify children's behavior? Do you use rewards? What's your opinion? 

Share your successes, results, or other techniques here on SSTN.

Acts - Bible curriculum


4) Five-Day Clubs

I am glad to see your notice about the child evangelism 5-day clubs. Many years ago when CEF was still new, I took their training.

A girl I taught in Junior class in Sunday school took their training last year and held 5 day clubs most of the summer. Now she and her mom, who also took the training, are getting ready to go to a 2 week visit to one of our missionaries in England who has a thriving children's ministry and they are so excited. No doubt both they and the people over there will profit by what they know about working with kids.

Love in Christ,
Helen Setser

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