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March 27, 2012

Ideas? Questions? Opinions?

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1) Lasting Beauty on the Inside...need more ideas?
2) Noah Skit? 
Saul / Paul Bible Game
Children's Church Ideas, Feedback Welcomed
5) Teaching on Integrity
6) Easter Treat Devotion?

7) Resurrection Cookies During Class?

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1) Lasting Beauty on the Inside...more ideas?

Thanks SSTN for your advice on lasting beauty inside out. it is going to be of great help in making great lessons. may the good lord bless thee. and in case others have more ideas, feel free to let us know. our theme is for a whole year and we have 10 months left. thank you.

--from SSTN: what Bible stories and age group are you teaching? Ask, "Why have we chosen this theme? What are we trying to accomplish?" Your answers will help you, as well as the teachers in this network to think of ideas. For instance, to have lasting beauty on the inside, we must first be changed into "new creatures--having new life in Christ." For related ideas on this, type "New Life" into the search box from our home page at: And the following Bible verses refer to the metamorphosis--the change--that happens in people from the inside out when they trust in Jesus as their Savior and Forever Friend:  2 Corinthians 5:17, John 3:1-21.


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2) Skit: Ladies on Porch?

Do you still have the skit with the ladies on the porch (Moses wife, Noah wife) I can’t remember them all. There were 5 of them I think. They were talking about their husbands as they were sitting in rocking chairs. I used it at a associational meeting and the people loved it but I cannot find my copy. I am going to a new church and they are hosting the WMU association meeting on April 5, 2012. I would love to get a copy of it. Nancy Bradshaw. Thank you 

--from SSTN: Hi Nancy, to find it go to our home page and type in "Mrs. Moses Mrs. Noah" in the search box:


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3) Saul / Paul Bible Game

We played a fun game of Saul/Paul the other day that the kids now love. Each person is given a card. All of them except one have the word Christian on it. One card has Saul/Paul. Saul/Paul chases the Christians around and takes them back to a base. After he has captured all of them he has to go back and apologize, then let them all free and ask if he can join their team for the next game (repeat with different person as Saul/Paul) 

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Matthew Lee
Children's Minister
Tates Creek Christian Church 

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4) Children's Church Ideas, Feedback Welcomed


My name is Matt from Milestone Church in Keller, TX. I work with the Children's church in the preschool department. I have a few great ideas to for children's church. I would also really enjoy some feedback on this as I am really trying to move into this full time after serving for over 13 years now. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Quick Question Signs - Quick Question signs are signs that are put up in the hallways of the children’s church area in between the classrooms that ask a simple question this month’s theme. It is a question that parents should be able to ask their child and the child is able to answer. This will open the dialogue for further discussion as a family.

Memory Verse Signs – Memory Verse signs work just like Quick Question signs. They should be put up near the doors of the classrooms. Have something like, “Does your child know the memory verse?” on them and then have the memory verse below. If the parent knows the memory verse then the child is more apt to know it as well.

Volunteer Signs – Volunteer signs work a little bit different than Quick Question and Memory Verse signs. Volunteer signs are to try and bring in more parents to help out in classrooms. If a parent volunteers they take an active role in what their child learns in church that week. Even if they are not in the same class, per say, the parent will have a more in depth grasp of the story and activities and so there will be more communication between them and their child. Creative ways to have Volunteer signs is to take some pictures of teachers and children having fun in a class, either during a story or activity and put that on the sign. As a tag line, say something like, “Want to know what is going on? Sign up to be a volunteer today” or “Want to have help children learn about Jesus? Sign up to be a volunteer today.”

Lesson Handouts – Lessons Handouts are just sort summaries of the lesson that was taught that day. It gives parents a chance to see what their child learned. Once again, the more they know about the lessons, the more they will able to dialogue with their child. Most curriculum have some sort of lesson handout that comes along with them, but if not then a simple note card size summary of the story and activities works great.

Devotion Handouts – Devotion Handouts are similar to the Lesson Handouts. They both go over the story and even the activities, but Devotion Handouts has 3-5 questions for parents to ask their children. This will help build a devotion time during the week so that parents and kids can come together and talk about lessons that the kids learned at church.

Classroom Blogs – This one takes a little bit more time to accomplish. As a teacher, you can create a blog and put the story of the week, the memory verse, the activities, and even pictures of the kids on a blog so that parents can stay informed on what is going on. If a teacher does this then be sure to inform all parents on where to go see the blog. Advise them to leave feedback and use it as a place to give testimonies and praise reports on things that their child has stated about the story or lesson during the week.

Memory Verse Cards – Memory Verse cards are a great way to get parents involved with their child learning the memory verse. A Memory Verse card is about the size of a post card and has the memory verse printed at the top along with 3 signature lines on it. If the child tells the memory verse to 3 people (a parent and typically 2 of the parent’s friends) then those adults will sign the card and when the child brings back a signed Memory Verse card then they get a small prize. The prize could be something simple like candy or a small toy. This creates a great little game to help get parents actively involved.

Matt Sides



5) Teaching on Integrity

I just did a chapel at our Christian school about golf. I got some clubs and plastic balls as objects for the story and then told them the story of Bobby Jones and how he lost a golf match because he told the truth but later they named an award after him because of his integrity! 

Bob Griffith
Kenosha First Assembly

--from SSTN: do you have a lesson or activity to share on the virtue of integrity? Reply to this email.


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6) Easter Treat Devotion?

Does anyone have an Easter related food devotion they'd like to share?


7) Resurrection Cookies During Class?

Hi there
I am wanting to make the resurrection cookies at a family home group as our Easter activity. Hence, we don't have the luxury of leaving them in the oven overnight to cook. If you made these at Sunday School you couldn't leave them in the oven overnight either. Do you have any other ideas on how we could do it?


--from SSTN: Hi Debra, there are two similar recipes that you can make during class time. Check out "Empty Tomb Snacks." 
You can find them by typing the title into the search box at:


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