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SSTN # 11 - February 14, 2007

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MOVIE NIGHT: One Night With The King

1) Music for Training Video
2) Using Your Name in SSTN
3) Prayer Pages
4) Lord's Prayer

Egg-Shaped Easter Story Cards

5) Raising Lazarus Art Lesson
6) Behavior Games?
7) Spreading God's Love
8) Heart Spa Skit?

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MOVIE NIGHT: One Night With The King - DVD

"One Night With The King" chronicles the life of the young Jewish girl,
Hadassah, who goes on to become Esther, the Queen of Persia, and saves the
Jewish nation from annihilation at the hands of its arch enemy while
winning the heart of the fiercely handsome King Xerxes.

Find it in our bookstore at:

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1) Music for Training Video

What about: "Jesus Loves the Little Children", "Tell Me The Story of
or "I Love To Tell The Story"? All of them can be found at Cyber Hymnal.
To get there, visit the links page at: 

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2) Using Your Name in SSTN
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3) Prayer Pages

I am teaching this in my Sunday School class this quarter - and have used
it before.  They have coloring pages, etc.
Check out their website:  http://www.teachustopray.com/

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4) Lord's Prayer

There's a Lord's Prayer Wheel you can download at SundaySchoolNetwork.com
in their Easy Make N' Take Curriculum section at:


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Egg-Shaped Easter Story Cards 

When the cards are cut, colored and assembled, players can play Easter Egg
Scramble and discover a secret Easter message! With two, black and white
"cross" and "resurrection" drawings to color!

Reproducible too, so your whole class can make a set!

Find it in the Curriculum - Holidays & Holy Days section at: 

(you may need to copy and paste the link to your browser)

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5) Raising Lazarus Art Lesson
I'm looking for ideas for the art workshop for our rotation on the Raising
of Lazarus. I'm hoping for something less literal than making tombs or
paper dolls wrapped in fabric. I need something that can be adapted for
both older and younger kids and that can be done in 30 minutes or less.
Thanks for all suggestions.
Linda in Edmonds

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6) Behavior Games?

I like to thank for the good ideas i been reading from everybody, i am
part of a small group of people that are starting to teach little kids
from age 2 to 11 years old in the same class room is been very difficult
because of no experience and also the difference in age. What we been
trying is to make the kids part of the history we are telling, but, the
kids are very active and we dont know how to catch their atention and
sometimes we end up being frustrated with our plans for that day. Any
ideas about behavior games or songs about how to listen?

--from SSTN: separating the kids into at least two age groups, would be
most beneficial for their learning experience and would help your
frustration level. Keep the activities moving by using a variety of
methods: short skits and role playing, crafts, games...ALL which teach the
Bible lesson. Check out the Bible-4-Life series of curriculum to see how
this is done for K-5th grade at:

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7) Spreading God's Love
I had a spur of the moment inspiration yesterday morning at church to go
along with our puppet play about God's love. I cut hearts out of red and
pink construction paper and put them in a bowl. Then when we gathered all
the children up front in church for the puppet program, I let all of them
pick several hearts out of the bowl and I gave them a few minutes to go
pass them out to people in the congregation. The reaction of the
congregation was great as the children "picked" who to give their hearts
When they came back to their seats I pointed out how happy they made the
people they gave their hearts to and talked about how good it makes people
feel when we do something nice for them. Then I told them and the
congregation that it was just that easy to spread God's love. It only
takes a minute, it doesnt' cost anything and it makes people happy and
pleases God too. It was a very simple, easy to do illustration.
from Lillie

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8) Heart Spa Skit?

HI: Our church is having a ladies retreat  titled "Heart Spa". The
cleansing of the heart, etc.  We need two skits to go with this subject.
Can you help us with that?  Email any questions you may have. Thank you
for your kind attention.
Wanda Whittington
SBR Church of Christ

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