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SSTN # 11 - February 6, 2006

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Valentine's Heart Box

1) Mother's Day skits?
2) Our Father's Love Letter
3) Outreach ideas?
4) Kids Under Construction

Multiple Age Curriculum

5) VBS Fishing Songs?
6) Valentine Banquet ideas
7) Chinese finger trap?
8) VBS using the KJV
9) Tale of Jonah song?
10) Kids Under Construction

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Valentine's Heart Box

A great download activity for Valentine's Day!

Check it out in our "Easy Make N' Take projects at:

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1) Mother's Day skits?


I wonder if you had any suggestions/resources for Mother's Day skits? We
arrange a tea for Mums of our Sunday School children, and then after a
sermon the children 'present' something to their mums. We like to keep it
as simple as possible, as the children are aged from 3 to 11. If you had
any ideas they would be gratefully received.

Kind Regards,
Jo Campbell

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2) Our Father's Love Letter
Watch a beautiful video of God's love letter to you! You must choose to
watch with a phone or broadband modem at: 

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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3) Outreach ideas?

We have a small sunday school in Sydney with on average six children each
week.  our ages are currently between 3 -7, with that possibly being
extended, depending on helper and teacher numbers.  We only have one
church service a week and sunday school is run during that time, with the
children being in the service for the first 10-15minutes. 

We are looking for outreach ideas.  We are considering having a holiday
program later in the year. We will also be doing letter box drops.   Any
other ideas?

In Christian Love


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4) Kids Under Construction

For the person requesting suggestions for Kids Under Construction:
  We did that theme for VBS last year... and if you need any suggestions
or ideas... please contact me via email because I have tons of suggestions
for you.


--from SSTN: Hi Brigitte:
if they're your ideas, then please share some with SSTN.

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Multiple Age Curriculum

Looking for multi-age curriculum?
Check out my hands-on Bible lessons for K-5th grade at:

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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5) VBS Fishing Songs?

Hi there Sarah and all,

This is my first post to the newsletter; hope it works!  Thank you all for
your wonderful ideas and energy…it inspires me!

I help with an ecumenical VBS in our town which we are fortunate to hold
in our public elementary school.  This year is only our 2nd year and the
theme is “Gone Fishing”.  The publisher (Kremer) gave us 3 songs, but we
need a LOT more!  I am looking for upbeat music for all ages, preschool up
through 6th graders.  In particular, I need a song for our 3rd night’s
theme, “Fishing for God’s Word”…so far, all I can think of is “The
B-I-B-L-E”.  Any more ideas for that one?

Other themes are fishing for God’s love, God’s help, God’s forgiveness,
and for people (reaching out/the Great Commission).  Any song ideas you
have are very appreciated!

Thanks and I hope to post when I have things to share!

Amy Siegert
Potosi, WI

--from SSTN: you posted just fine. ;o) (One that comes to mind is,
"Fishers of Men". You can find it on "Kids Sing Praise". Type the title
into our bookstore search box to locate it and listen to a clip:
http://www.sundayschoolnetwork.com/bookstore.html  )

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6) Valentine Banquet ideas

In response to Valentine Banquet ideas, one year my daughters church had a
dinner show.  The girls in the youth Sunday school class served the meal,
they had candles on the table and it was very romantic. Then the Sunday
school classes put on performances for all the couples, from singing to
skits. It was a huge success and the students raised enough money to go to
summer camp.

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7) Chinese finger trap?

A couple months ago I remember reading about a game where each child
answers a question and get a gift that cannot be opened until everyone has
one and inside is a Chinese finger trap.  now that I have found the finger
traps I can't find the full set of instructions, just remembered it
sounded like a very good lesson.  Can anyone help me.

Terry Smith
Otterbein UMC

--from SSTN: Terry: you can find this in our archives. Type "chinese": 

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8) VBS using the KJV

Someone posted a week or two ago about a VBS using the KJV.  At CPC one of
the companies - can't remember if it was Standard Publishing or Lifeway,
said their VBS could be used with any translation.  The best way to check
this out is to go to the web sites and look at the VBS curriculum each has
to offer. Many of them offer downloadable samples.

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9) Tale of Jonah song?

Does any one know the words of the old chorus which begins
Coem listen to my tale of Jonah and the whale
way down in the middle of the ocean
How did he get there
Whatever did he wear
Way down in the middle of the ocean.
I would really love to have the words

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10) Kids Under Construction

>>I am planning on doing our VBS this year with the theme
>>"Kids Under Construction." Any ideas

There's a song that says, "God's still working on me to make me what I
ought to be. He made the moon and the stars and Jupiter and Mars, but he's
still working on me." which might be a good one to include.

Not sure where you can find the music though.

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