July 9, 2014 -- Issue #10 - Volume 15

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1) I Exercise My Faith When . . .

2) Bible Game: Esau's Hair

3) Easy-to-Make Lyre

4) Bible Skit: The Wedding Banquet

5) Loaves & Fishes

6) Contributors Wanted

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For teachers of children K-5th grade.

Sample Lesson One
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1) "I Exercise My Faith When . . ."

For in him we live and move and have our being.

Focus: Nearly all of our daily activities in life involve some measure of faith. This game will encourage children to realize we exercise our faith on a daily basis. A great way to improve listening and memory skills too!

Instructions: Teacher and students stand in a circle. Before playing discuss possible "faith-verbs" that could be used, e.g. running, jumping, nodding head, wiggling fingers, raising arms, kicking legs, etc. Tell children to have a few actions in mind so when it is their turn they know what to say. 

Teacher begins by saying . . . read more.

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2) Bible Game: Esau's Hair

Instructions: Read Genesis 27, the story of Jacob tricking Isaac, from a child-friendly Bible, or tell it in your own words.

Blindfold one child and have the other children line up side-by-side. Have the blindfolded child attempt to name the children in line by touching only their hair. Allow everyone to have a turn, but make sure you rearrange the children in line for each new turn. The person who can identify the most classmates wins.

By: Demarquis Lamar Johnson


3) Easy-to-Make Lyre

"Praise him with the sounding of the trumpet, praise him with the harp and lyre . . ." Psalm 150:3 (NIV).

You'll need a large shoe box with a lid, 4-6 sturdy rubber bands, and unsharpened pencils. You can decorate the box and lid or leave it as is. Refer to picture: cut a round hole in the lid. Adults can do this for young children. Wrap rubber bands around box and over the hole in the lid. Push the pencils under the rubber bands. 

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4) Bible Skit: The Wedding Banquet

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5) Loaves & Fishes Idea

I have another game idea to share. I miss the days of doing youth ministry at my old church. I have a lot of game ideas, some new and some old. Hope that they are a blessing. The great thing about the games I have come up with. They work for both younger and older children. I have been fortunate enough to work with all of the different age groups.


Objective: To give children a visual to go with the 5 loaves and two fishes story (Jesus feeding the multitude).

Instructions: Prepare a lunch include items such as chips, sandwich, cookies, a juice, etc. Then have one of the children share a little bit of that lunch with all of the children in the classroom. Every one must receive something to eat. 

By: Demarquis Lamar Johnson




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6) Contributors Wanted

Share your great ideas with other teachers! If you've created a Bible lesson, craft, game, or skit for use in children's ministry, then we'd love for you to send it to: submissions@sundayschoolnetwork.com


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