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SSTN # 10 - February 1, 2006

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The Prayer of Jesus

1) When to bring Bibles?
2) New Creation Cups
3) Teaching autistic children
4) KJV Materials

Multiple Age Curriculum

5) Valentine mini concert
6) Autistic children
7) Band-Aid Song?
8) Kids Under Construction
9) Multiage Class?
10) Fruit of the Spirit Lessons

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The Prayer of Jesus

Through the use of hands-on Bible lessons, crafts and games, children will
learn to pray the prayer that Jesus taught his followers to pray. (K-5th
grade). Learn more at:


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1) When to bring Bibles?

God,s blessings upon you.
I would like to ask your opinion on what is an appropriate age to ask kids
to bring their bibles with them to sunday school, or maybe what is the
rules at your sunday school.

many thanks

--from SSTN: as soon as they can read. ;o)

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2) New Creation Cups

(serve as crayon holders, even little vases for the
precious dandelions your children pick for you)

What you need:
Clean yogurt cups
Different colored birthday streamers. (Very economical and can be used
again for other projects.)
Small bathroom disposable cups
School glue
Small foam brushes
Frosted glitter

Put some glue about 1\4 way up the cup. Add just enough water to make the
glue thinner. Provide each child with a yogurt cup and a foam brush.

Cut the streamers of all different colors into 4" strips. Have the
children tear the strips into various sizes.
First paint the glue mixture on the cup one section at a time works best.
Place the pieces of streamers on the glued area. Work your way around
the cup. (Hint: the darker colors work best on the bottom layers because
the lettering from the yogurt container shows through). Keep layering
until the lettering is covered. Give the cups a final gluing. Shake on
the glitter.......ALL OVER THE CUP!
The kids love doing this craft.....who doesn't like glitter and glue?

Use 2 Corinthians 5:17 " Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new
creature old things have passed away behold all things are become new."

Explain that we started with a yogurt cup, and ended up with something
that looked brand new. Therefore we called them "new creation cups". Just
like when we ask Jesus into our hearts, he makes us new!

The children in our Outreach Ministry loved doing this craft and it
really stuck with them.

Submitted by:
Barb Wallace
Lighthouse Christian Outreach Center
Fall River, MA

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3) Teaching autistic children

In response to the teacher who now has two autistic boys in her classroom,
as the mother of an autistic four-year-old son, I thought I could offer
some advice.  First, remove all other stimuli from the classroom which may
be competing for their attention (like music, an open classroom door, an
open window, etc.).  Secondly, find out from the boys' parents whether or
not they have any special talent.  My son is gifted musically, so singing
or playing music is the way to reach him.  Third, find out from the
parents if the boys can read.  Many autistic children need to see
directions written out on a white board or chalkboard in order to
comprehend the lesson or the directions for a craft project.  My son could
read when he was two years old, and we write everything down for him. 
Fourth, if the children are not sensitive to touch, don't be afraid to
gently re-position them so that they can focus.  Call their name while you
turn their head or move their hands to the craft, for example.  Don’t
expect that a story can be completely comprehended just by being read
aloud.  Show them the words as you read.  Be repetitive.  Don’t be too
loud.  Many autistic kids have sensory issues which makes being in a
classroom excruciating for them.  Give them tactile crafts, like play doh,
felt, fabric, buttons – anything with texture.  Praise, praise, praise a
job even remotely well done.  They can often comprehend more than you
realize. Good luck. Lisa

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4) KJV Materials

Regarding the "CONFUSED" person responding to the person who wanted the
western theme in KJV. Frankly
my dear Bro. or Sister, since you did not give a name.  They never asked
for your opinion whether it was the "anointed version" They simply asked
and stated that that was the only version they use. I believe an apology
is in order.
We are all here (I hope) to help each other and get Ideas
so we can all help our students get a vision of Jesus and have and keep a
relationship with him.So let us not be "CONFUSED" of who we are and what
we are "TEACHERS"
Lets respect one another no matter what version we use.
Sister in Christ
Cindy H. from Ohio

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Multiple Age Curriculum

Looking for multi-age curriculum? Check out my hands-on lessons of the Bible for K-5th grade:

Great for midweek programs!

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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5) Valentine mini concert

hi.im leading the youth here in our church and im planning to have a mini
evangelism concert in February.But im thinking of using 'non christian'
love songs but the lyrics can be sang for Jesus instead.like after every
song there will be a little message and then another song again and little
message and so on.so the key is ...you are inlove with Jesus.i would love
to hear your  suggestions or comments.

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6) Autistic children

Hello.  I just wanted to thank you for your comments.  It brightened my
day a little reading what you said about Autistic kids.  You have such a
good outlook and a positive one too, that I don't hear much from people
unless they are the parent of the Autistic child. You seem to really "get
it", and I love that!  They are such a blessing!!!  I have an 11 year old
autistic son, a 14 year old autistic nephew, and a 15 year old autistic
nephew on my husband's side of the family.  My autistic son has taught me
more than I could have ever learned otherwise!!!  It sounds like the child
you are nanny to, is teaching you too!  Thanks for your wonderful
To all of you out there that are working with, or are going to work
with an autistic child&nbs p;in the future through your ministries, it is
very much worth getting to know these kids, even though it might take
quite a bit of extra effort on your part.
Alicia from Indiana

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7) Band-Aid Song?

Hi, I have just found your website while I was looking for lyrics (for the
verses) to "The Band-Aid Song" (There'll be no Band-aids in heaven).  How
could I find the words to these verses?

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8) Kids Under Construction

This year our theme for the Sunday school is "Lives under Construction"
We have a picture of a church under construction that will be growing up
as kids bring new kids to the sunday school. Each new kid will be a brick,
or a chair, or a window.

Also, on the first sunday of the month we are going to talk about Neemiah,
among others. We will be focused in the importance of being live stones in
the construction of the church, as well as having our lives under the
authority of the main Constructor, Christ.
Hope this help you. Sorry about my English.

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9) Multiage Class?

Hi, I need some advice.  I teach older children (ages 7-12) one Tuesday
night each month.  We call it Kids Zone arts and crafts.  I have no
problem with the younger ones but the older ones have no interest.  I
believe in object lessons, games and activities to reinforce my lesson. 
Each teacher has to come up with their own lesson.  Maybe one of your
subscribers can give me assistance in reaching the older group.  They get
loud and hiper in playing games, they aren't interested in crafts.  We are
in a small church in the process of building a larger facility and I have
to share my area with other groups so we have to respect each other.
Thank you. You can reach me at kstieber@kooltronic.com

--from SSTN: please email SSTN, so all may benefit. Also, you can find
lots of info in our archives on this subject. Search "multiage" and
"multiple ages" at:

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10) Fruit of the Spirit Lessons

I have a set of lessons I used a couple summers ago. I made up the lessons
and saved them to disk. I would be happy to look for them and email them
you when I find them. Just email me at nazkidsinaction@yahoo.com and put
"Fruit of the Spirit Lessons" in the subject line.


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