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March 2, 2016 -- Issue #7




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1) Fruit of the Spirit Ideas

2) The WORD Became Flesh

3) Eleven Minute Easter Musical

4) The King's Crown Skit

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1) Fruit of the Spirit Ideas

Please send me some info about the fruit of the spirit, Galatians 5.22-23.

Kind Regards
Daphne Pienaar

--from SSTN: hi Daphne, you can find many Fruit of the Spirit resources by using our search tool, located at the bottom of this newsletter, or from our homepage at
You can also sample lessons from our Fruit of the Spirit Bible lesson plans, which are available as an instant download.



Easter Story for Children's Ministry



2) The WORD Became Flesh

During class time two weeks ago, I commented on Jesus being God. It was stated as an aside comment, nothing out of the ordinary. But one of the kids, a 4th grader, who is a regular attendee, and whose parents are involved in church, said in astonishment, "Jesus is God?" I was taken aback! Why, yes of course, I said. And then quickly explained the Trinity (as if quickly explaining the Trinity is even possible). I was surprised that something as basic to our faith was a new thing to him! How was that missed in all the lessons I've taught, or that the other teachers had taught? Not to mention he goes to Christian school and is an intelligent child. It was baffling! Last week I spent more time explaining the Trinity, and how "God became flesh and lived among us."  

So this got me thinking that maybe a return to some basic truths might be in order for me, and for you! 

Several years ago I wrote a six-part lesson on "The Word becoming flesh" based on John 1:1-14.  And t
his series of lessons is actually a bonus when purchasing my book, Bible Games Explosion. I want to give you the opportunity to sample it, and would love to receive your feedback! 

Sample: The WORD Bible Lesson Games

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><


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3) Eleven Minute Easter Musical

The kids I work with are ages 5 to 10. It is very difficult to act out dramas with dialog since some can't even read. I used three songs and attempted to coordinate the scenes to the peaks and valleys of the music. I edited out one verse of "How Great Thou Art" to shorten the total time of the drama. The version I used is a contemporary one. I am going to use traditional costumes for all the cast. Depending on which version of the song you use, you may have to alter the times. You will notice that some of the cast has two and even three different parts. This can be modified depending on how many actors you have. 

Get the Eleven Minute Easter Musical



4) The King's Crown Skit

A quick skit for Lent based on the Parable of the Tenant. No memorization is required, with discussion questions and a coordinating craft. 

Get the Parable of the Tenant Bible skit.

Easter Craft for kids, resurrection eggs


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