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February 17, 2015 -- Issue #7



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Skit: Observing Lint?


Focus: What will you give to Jesus?

Bible reference: Romans 12:1

Two Characters: Preferably older youths or adults

Props: Sack containing a Lint Roller, and a Bible.

Person 1: (removes lint roller from sack and begins rolling it on kids clothing, floor, seats, etc. and then looking closely at the roller each time.)

Person 2:
What are you doing?

Person 1: (proudly) Observing Lint!

Person 2: I see that, but why?

Person 1: (continues rolling) Itís that time of year when Christians observe Lint for 40 days before Easter.



Person 2: Oh my. Iím glad youíre trying to be faithful, but you have it all wrong! Youíre thinking of Lent, L-E-N-T, not lint, l-i-n-t! Lent is the forty-days leading up to Easter when Jesusí followers remember that he was tempted by Satan in the desert for forty days. During that time, Jesus prayed and fasted to defeat Satan. 

Children, do you know what it means to fast? (Receive answers.) Fasting is giving up something we enjoy doing or eating. Christians do this as a way to remember that Jesus suffered on the cross for our sake, he gave up his life for ours.


Person 1: So thatís why people give up something for Lent! Maybe Iíll give up this lint roller!

Person 2: Okaaay then . . . I think we need to read Godís Word now.

(Remove Bible from Sack. Read Romans 12:1 from a child-friendly Bible.)

Person 2: This verse reminds us to give . . . Continue reading this Lenten Skit.



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