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February 9, 2015 -- Issue #6



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Chapel Valentines Theme


I think the Gospel Heart Activity would be perfect! Your older students can sing the song (perhaps using simple rhythm instruments) and the little ones, non-readers, can hold up the appropriate color hearts.

My 3s and 4s are doing this. I'm doing most of the singing (they "chime in" with a word or two here and there), and will hold up the hearts.

Hope this helps!
God's Blessings,
Ann Marie Lemacks

PS: A BIG thanks to Sarah Keith for getting back to me within a couple of hours of my posting my question! :-)

--from SSTN: You are welcome. I aim to please! Send pictures! ;o)
Sarah <><



What's Your Name?

(This activity illustrates the ways in which we can honor or disobey the third commandment, "Don't misuse God's name." Before class write the name “Christian” on three large cards using a black marker. Choose three children to each hold a card at the front of the class. You will also need a red marker.) 

Say, "God gave us the Ten Commandments so we would know how to act in his kingdom, and how to lovingly treat others. The commands were to be a guardian, tutor, or baby-sitter to teach us right from wrong until Jesus came to earth. God promised he would eventually write his laws on the hearts of his children after that (Jer. 31:33). The third commandment, 'Don't misuse God's name,' reminds us that our words and lives, our behaviors, should bring honor to God’s name.

When we trust in Jesus as our Savior, we are known as Christians. Let’s say (child’s name) were to lie to you. (Use the red marker to write, 'LIAR' across 'Christian.') Would s/he be acting like Jesus? No, because Jesus always told the truth. (Move to the next child.) What if (child’s name) was having a difficult time taking a test in school, and s/he decided to look for the answers on someone else’s test. (Use the red marker to write 'CHEATER' across 'Christian.') Would cheating be acting like Jesus? (Move to next child.) If (child’s name) was in a toy store and saw a toy s/he couldn’t afford, so s/he took it without paying for it. (Use the red marker to write, 'THEIF' across 'Christian.') Would stealing be acting like Jesus? No, of course not. When we are known as 'Christians' we carry God's name, and are held to a higher standard. God expects his children to live according to his laws. To do otherwise is misusing God's name (See Leviticus 19:12 and Matthew 5:33-37). When we are known as Christians, we represent God in our world. But, it is important to remember that because we are sinners, we will disobey God from time to time. The good news is, God is faithful; we can depend on him. If we admit we are wrong, God will forgive us and cleanse us from every sin. (See 1 John 1:9.)"

One of the enrichment ideas you'll find in God's Top Ten
Understanding God's Love in the Ten Commandments



Two Words: Gospel, Valentine

John 3:16 contains two words 
That have to do with love 
Gospel is the first one, 
God's Son was sent from heaven above
God Gave us life everlasting 
This came from the Good News 
We are offered life or death 
He left it up to us to choose

The second word is Valentine 
And the letters are quite plain 
This word came from man 
As he seeks her heart to gain
John 3:16 has seen many a weary soul 
Brought from darkness into light 
We'll understand it better 
When faith gives way to sight!

For God so
     LOved the world that He gave His only begotten 
       Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not 
       Perish, but have

  For God so loVed the world that 
                  He gAve His 
                        bE gotten
                          That whosoever
          believeth I
      Him should Not perish,
           but have Everlasting life.

Copyright 2012 Ray Zander
Used by Permission from Life of Faith -- Vol. IX

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