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Mission Statement: brings over 25 years of experience to children's ministry. Our Bible lesson plans and activities are designed to lead children to Christ, helping them grow in their faith, so they can proclaim the good news message to the next generation.  


Hot Potato - Ten Commandments Memory Game

Application: Ten Commandments Review

Preparation: Use the HOT POTATO game to reinforce memorization of the Ten Commandments Look n' Learn hand signals (read reviews, below).

How to Play: You will need a potato or small ball. Children sit or stand in a circle. Players pass the potato around the circle until teacher calls out a commandment number (1-10), at which point players stop passing the potato. For example, if teacher calls out "3", the player holding the potato must then say, "Don't misuse God's name." If the player cannot remember the commandment, then say, "Think of the hand signal." If player still can't say the commandment, you have the option to eliminate the player or allow the child to remain playing and continue playing as before. Play as long as time allows.

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Ten Commandments PosterReviews

We are using your God's Top Ten lessons in our children's church. We could not be more pleased. The first week the kids knew the hand signs for all ten commandments. The material is well prepared . . . ~ Sandra

It's hard for a small church like ours to afford
Bible curriculum and yours is so affordable and fun! ~ Julie

You have fantastic resources. My favorite is your lessons on the 
10 Commandments
. Although I taught it sometime ago, the kids still use the hand signals. Keep up the good work.
 ~ Frances Kemp


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