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February 3, 2016 -- Issue #4






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1) It's FROG-uary--Time to Fully Rely on God

2) Memories--Grieving, Weeping, Healing

3) Love Is Not Puffed Up

4) Gospel Valentine

Super Heroes Bible Lesson Plans
Bible Lesson Plans Super Heroes


1) It's FROG-uary . . . 
    Time to Fully Rely on God!

This is another awesome idea from my sweet friend, Kath Doerr. As my husband, Bob, continues healing from his brain injury, she sends us daily reminders of God's love and care!  For the month of Frog-uary (ribbet, "February"), she sent us a box of 29 "frogs," (it's leap year). She created the frogs using empty Keurig cups, and then cut green construction paper to shape the heads, feet, and hands. Each frog is numbered, so as to be opened each day. Kath also wrote a note on each top such as, "Hoppin' by to say hi," "Take a leap of faith," and for the 14th, "Hoppy Valentines Day." Inside each frog is another encouraging or humorous note, along with two Peppermint Patties (i.e. lily pads!) What a treat!  Yes, she's awesome!

What are some other ways this froggy idea could be used?

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><
P.S. Use our search tool, below, to see how Kath made "Cups and Kisses" this past December.

Fully Rely on God!

Teach your kids to fully rely on God
 Teach Your Kids to Fully Rely on God



             Bible Lesson Plans

Bible Lesson Plans for Children's Ministry



2) Memories---Grieving, Weeping, Healing

Peace-filled 2016! Though my heart grieves the loss of our first born son (senselessly snuffed out 9/15), GOD proves faithful. My goal is to share more details soon. I felt compelled to get this out for others whose hearts are also broken! Thanks for your newsletter.


M-mourn...cry? Yes, go ahead, WEEP...release it...GOD blesses with HIS comfort...Matt.5:4

E-everyday bless and praise the LORD...Psalm 145:1

M-make the LORD and HIS way what you seek first...Matthew 6:33

O-only worship and hope in GOD...Ps. 42:5

R-recall to your mind the faithfulness and love of GOD then you will have hope...Lam. 3: 21

Y-YOU my beloved are always in my treasured remembrances. Philippians 1:3

Thanking GOD for ______________________________ and God's generous gift of memories. 

"Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted" Matthew 5:4.

+Dedicated to our dearly beloved son DARIUS and those of us who are free to grieve while being healed.

2015 Penelope White 
Use with author's permission

--from SSTN: Dear Peny, only through, and because of, Jesus could your insight be possible! Thank you for sharing your inspiration with the other teachers on SSTN! And may all of us hold you up in prayer to the "Hearer of Cries" as He heals your broken heart. God's comfort and peace. 
Your webservant, 
Sarah Keith <><



3) Love Is Not Puffed Up

With Valentines Day just around the corner, 2 Corinthians 13:1-13 is an excellent source for discovering the true meaning of love!

Get today's Bible lesson, Love Is Not Puffed Up.

Do you have a lesson, craft, or game that you've created on LOVE?
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4) Gospel Valentine

Print a special Valentine's Day poem.


Celebrate Passover Feasts of the Lord


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