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Issue #3 - January 26, 2009              For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them. ~ Jesus

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Bible Review Games
2) Winning the Lost At Any Cost?

Bible Memorization @ Assembly Time? 
No Passion for Kids?

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5) Valentine's Day for 4th-6th?
7) Prayers Being Answered
The Bible in 50 Words

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1) Bible Review Games

The best book I have found for Bible Review games is Mouse on a Mission by Ed Dunlop. You can adapt many of them to fit your lesson. Besides a great number of games children love to play, there is a section on "Why Bible games are important" and "Using Bible games effectively". Many times I play the games, the class against the teacher, instead of breaking the class into teams. I figure out how many points they to win as a class and give them all a candy if they make it. If I had only one book 
for children's ministry, this would be it.

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Winning the Lost At Any Cost?

I have just been approached by my Pastor to start a children's ministry at our church and need assistance we are a Pentecostal church and would like creative ideas including an appropriate name in line with our mission "Winning the Lost at any Cost"

Please assist 
Sandra van Dalen


Bible Memorization @ Assembly Time? 

I would like to introduce a Bible Memorization portion to our assembly time. If you have any thoughts or favorite verses please share them with me. I hope to improve my own scripture memory.

4) No Passion for Kids?


I thank you very much for your welcome. I have been newly appointed as Sunday School Superintendent at my church since January 2009 after teaching Sunday School for about three years. Some of my challenges are working with people who don't appreciate change and who don't have a passion for kids. Another thing is that it is very difficult to find suitable persons to teach, so for years we have been working with those who are faithful but they are not really good teachers, some of them actually went on the teaching course but I just don't know what is happening. can I get some advice, I'm young, vibrant and have a lot of new ideas, but how do i get them to come on board.

thanks much 


5) Valentine's Day for 4th-6th?

i'm looking for new and creative ideas for Valentine's Day for 4th-6th graders.

6) Resources?

where's the stuff i don't have to pay for?

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7) Prayers Being Answered

Prayers are being answered. Make sure you visit the prayer board and pray for your fellow Christians:


8) The Bible in 50 Words

God made 
Adam bit 
Noah arked 
Abraham split 
Joseph ruled 
Jacob fooled 
Bush talked 
Moses balked 
Pharaoh plagued 
People walked 
Sea divided 
Tablets ...
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